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  • Velocity Sports, Vivid Marketing Partner To Form New Agency


    Velocity Sports & Entertainment and Vivid Marketing have partnered to form a lifestyle marketing agency Team Epic. The new agency will incorporate SRi's market research and Isobar's global digital knowledge. Both SRi and Isobar are part of Aegis Media (Team Epic). In this week's SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL, Terry Lefton notes the combined entity "will have its own P&L, total more than 200 people and $30 million in billings." Team Epic "will be run by a committee consisting of current Velocity principals DAVID GRANT, MIKE REISMAN, BOB WILHELMY and ALEX NIEROTH, along with Vivid principals ERIK PETERSON and ANDY COOK." Cook will be Team Epic's Chief Creative Officer. Team Epic "will have four lead offerings: strategy and campaign development, experiential marketing, digital marketing and measurement/analytics." Reisman said that Velocity, Vivid and SRi "will remain as brands for the time being, but be merged eventually" (SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL, 6/7 issue).

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  • Catching Up With Ganassi Racing VP/Communications John Olguin

    Chip Ganassi Racing Teams, Inc.
    VP/Communications John Olguin

    DARIO FRANCHITTI's first-place finish at the Brickyard on May 30 gave CHIP GANASSI a rare record, becoming the first team owner to win the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 in the same year. Ganassi's feat and his drivers' success have generated loads of media attention for his IRL and NASCAR teams, and JOHN OLGUIN is the man directing traffic behind the scenes, serving as VP/Communications for Chip Ganassi Racing Teams, Inc. Olguin recently took time to chat with Staff Writer Erik Swanson about his early career with the Dodgers, his move to motorsports and handling the massive media attention in the wake of recent success.

    Favorite racetrack: IndyCar -- Indianapolis Motor Speedway; NASCAR -- Bristol Motor Speedway
    Favorite sport outside of racing: NFL
    Favorite vacation spot: Cabo San Lucas
    Must-visit websites:, Jayski,, among others

    Q: You spent quite a bit of time with the Dodgers earlier in your career. Can you talk briefly about your experience there?

    Olguin: I was one of those guys with the success story of right place, right time. I started as an intern and there weren't any openings for full-time jobs, which is what I wanted. While I was there I sent a proposal to my boss and anybody who would listen that I thought they needed to create an archive and I was just the guy to do it. They didn't have any real place that they kept their history. When my internship ended, everybody said it was a great idea but they weren't really able to pull the trigger on it. Ultimately I got a call from PETER O'MALLEY, who owned the club at the time, and he said, "I loved your proposal and want to talk to you about it." He said, "I'll give you three months to create it." I said, "No, I want a full-time job," and he said, "Well, I'm only giving you three months." Then after 15 months they hired me permanently. I worked for him directly, and I just ended up going through the ranks until I left as vice president of public relations.

    Q: Was that a path you had in mind?

    Olguin: Absolutely. I grew up a Dodger fan. I'm from Southern California, and I think in high school I read a book that the Dodgers were rated as one of the 100 best companies to work for. As a kid I grew up a Dodger fan, and when I saw that, I thought, "How can I get there?" And ultimately, it happened. I called them so often trying to find a job, I always joke that they hired me so I would stop calling them.

    Q: How did you make the transition from MLB to motorsports?

    Olguin: Just one of those fluke things. I got called by a headhunter and heard that they were hiring for a position in North Carolina, a professional sports team. They told me who it was, and I was really honest that I knew virtually nothing about racing. I talked to the person who was the head of Chip's team back then and then I came out for an interview. One of the things I remember really vividly was telling Chip in an interview, "I don't know anything about racing. I gotta be upfront." And Chip's response was, "I know what people in racing know. I want to know what people outside racing know." So that's kind of how that happened, and why I felt comfortable doing it.

    Q: Take us through a typical day at the office. What occupies most of your time?

    Olguin: Honestly, the PR people report to me, the PR people for the individual teams, and they're the ones that are doing the work and the grind from day to day. They're the ones that are always on the road. It's managing them, and it's a constant search for new and good media opportunities for Chip and the race team. It's a daily kind of, "What media do I want to pitch today? What are the stories that we have to tell?" There are probably a few internal meetings during the day, and then it's also maybe one or two with the sponsors, dealing with the sponsors' PR departments and things like that. And preparing for the weekend.

    Olguin Enjoys Diversity Of Being Able To
    Work In IndyCar, NASCAR, Grand-Am Series

    Q: How do you balance the responsibilities of working in multiple leagues?

    Olguin: You know, there's no way you could do it on your own, and to even make anybody think that I do it on my own is crazy, because I don't. I have really good people in our NASCAR and IndyCar PR people, and I rely on them tremendously because they're the ones that have the really good relationships with the drivers and deal with that on a daily basis, getting them to the things they need to get to and getting them to do the interviews they need to do. It actually is far more fun having the diversity of being able to deal with different sports -- one week being able to go to an IndyCar race, and the next race being able to go to a NASCAR race or a Grand-Am race.

    Q: Your teams had quite a weekend recently in Indianapolis and Charlotte, on top of the Daytona win earlier this season. How has the success affected media requests?

    Olguin: Winning is always really nice, and it brings a lot of media requests for really everyone. In this case, Dario obviously has a lot for winning the Indianapolis 500 for the second time, and it's huge for his sponsor and one of our sponsors, Target. But also because of the uniqueness of Chip becoming the first owner in history to win both Daytona and the Indianapolis 500 in the same year, it also created a lot more interest in Chip. So there's been a lot of requests for Chip as well.

    Q: How hectic was that weekend for you?

    Olguin: Again, I think for me it's less hectic than it is for the people that are on the ground doing the day-to-day, KELBY (KRAUSS) in Indianapolis and SHAYNA (KELLER) and JARROD (ENGLAND) in Charlotte. They're the ones that are making all the arrangements and doing everything there at the track. So I dealt a little bit more with Chip and the organizational things. But it was fun because we were in Indianapolis, in victory lane, and Chip pulls me aside and says, "I've got a burst of energy, let's go win another race." Winning the Indy 500, we weren't sure whether he was going to want to go to Concord, as opposed to just staying and celebrating winning.

    Q: Did you travel to Charlotte with Chip?

    Olguin: I only went with him to the airport. We were limited on room -- I had a writer who we had already planned to shadow Chip the whole day, wanting to do this in case he won the Indy 500. So it was more important to have her with him than to have me with him, plus we had a lot of preparing to do for the following day with all the media we had the next morning in Indianapolis.

    Q: Was he planning to go to Charlotte regardless?

    Olguin: It's always a game-time decision, how things are going. You go to victory lane, you kiss the bricks, you do the parade lap and all these things that Chip did, and then we get back to our hospitality tent and all our sponsors are waiting for him to get there. Everybody cheers and claps when he walks in, we do a champagne toast, and he was like, "Guys, I'm really sorry, but I think I need to get to the other race." And everybody understood. That's part of what you get when you're with our team, is you're across all these different series. So there was not one person that was disappointed, they were like, "Go get 'em, Chip."

    Q: Knowing that you already had Daytona under your belt and that you had a decent shot at winning the Indy 500 as well, how much advanced planning did you do going into the weekend in case you did win that rare double?

    Olguin: You know, that's always a really touchy subject. For us in marketing and PR, you have to plan, but for those in competition, that's a real jinx, you don't want to get too far ahead of yourself. So you have to have a small core group of people that you get together to plan for all the contingencies of winning, but you can't let it out too much because you don't want anybody to go, "Oh, it's because of you we didn't win." But you just have to do that stuff, so absolutely we did. We did a ton. The Harley Earl (Daytona 500) trophy was there in Indianapolis, and we were kind of driving that ship with the help of a lot of other people. ROBIN BRAIG, the president of Daytona Int'l Speedway, and also the people at Indianapolis Motor Speedway were really instrumental in helping us get that trophy there. So once Chip won, the trophy was there and we were able to take some photos with both the trophies. ... A lot of planning went into it, and it just worked out.

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  • Executive Transactions

    Chuck Neinas Has Been Hired By
    Conference-USA In A Consultant Role

    Conference-USA has hired former Big 8 Conference Commissioner and College Football Association Exec Dir CHUCK NEINAS "in a consulting role as the league braces for a significant shift in the college sports landscape." Neinas serves as President of Neinas Sports Services (Memphis COMMERCIAL APPEAL, 6/9)....The Horizon League has named Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association Dir of Communications BILL BENNER Senior Associate Commissioner for External Affairs, effective July 1. Benner previously was a columnist for the Indianapolis Star (INDIANAPOLIS STAR, 6/8)....The Big East Conference named former Big Ten Associate Dir of Championships KRISTEN BROWN Dir of Sport Administration (Big East).

    EXECS: WNBA L.A. Sparks President KRISTIN BERNERT has resigned to pursue other opportunities. Bernert joined the team in '08 after three years as WNBA VP/Team Business Development. The Sparks said that they are "searching for a replacement for Bernert" (, 6/8)....Tigers Dir of Player Development GLENN EZELL has stepped down from the position. Tigers VP & Assistant GM AL AVILA will handle Ezell's responsibilities for now (Tigers)....Babolat named former Lacoste Dir of Latin America JEROME PIN Managing Dir of Babolat USA (Babolat)....USA Cycling has hired JAMIE STAFF to manage the organization's newly restructured track sprint program (USA Cycling)....The Bowling Proprietors' Association of America named STEFANIE NATION BPAA Tournament Coordinator (BPAA).

    Do you have an executive announcement? If so, please send to

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  • Names In The News

    Krzyzewski's Compensation Likely Makes Him
    Highest-Paid College Hoops Coach

    Duke Univ. men's basketball coach MIKE KRZYZEWSKI earned total compensation of $4.19M for the '08-09 FY. Krzyzewski earned $3.76M in taxable income -- $1.96M in base pay and $1.75M in bonuses or incentives. Because Duke "doesn't release to the public its coach contracts, it is not clear what incentives were met." Duke also paid Krzyzewski $418,172 in "deferred compensation and he received about $14,000 in nontaxable benefits." Krzyzewski's compensation "appears to make him the top-paid college basketball coach in the nation for the 2008-09 fiscal year and clearly puts him among the highest-paid of all college officials" (, 6/8).

    CHARITY STRIPE: In Miami, Linda Robertson notes U.S. sprinter LAURYN WILLIAMS has a new sponsorship deal with Saucony, prompting her "to shed her Nike gear, a trove of 250 swoosh-adorned items, gently or never used." Williams is "selling the workout clothes and donating all proceeds to the charity Fun 4 Kidz." Williams is "offering packs of five items (three tops, two bottoms) for $50," and has "raised nearly $1,000 so far" (MIAMI HERALD, 6/9)....Cavaliers F LEBRON JAMES has donated the two Kias he received for his NBA MVP awards the past two seasons. James "donated the first car to the Akron Urban League," and "donated the second to the Summa Foundation." The Urban League is raffling off the first car to raise money (AKRON BEACON JOURNAL, 6/8)....UnitedHealthcare has donated $35,000 to Cowboys TE JASON WITTEN's SCORE Foundation, which presented the money to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dallas and Ft. Worth" The foundation has been purchasing "equipment known as HOP Sports, which is a multimedia physical education system," for the Boys & Girls Clubs (FT. WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM, 6/8).

    AWARDS & RECOGNITION: Saints QB DREW BREES has received the Professional Football Writers of America's Good Guy Award, given to the player who "best helped the media do their job." draft expert GIL BRANDT received the Horrigan Award, also honoring the person who "helped the media best do their job." New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist PETER FINNEY received the McCann Award, which "honors a PFWA member for long and distinguished service to the profession" (AP, 6/8). Also, the Texans for the third time in six years have won the PFWA's Pete Rozelle Award for "having the NFL's outstanding media relations staff." The team also won in '04 and '07 (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 6/9).

    NAMES: The Ironman Foundation, the charitable arm of the World Triathlon Corporation, has earmarked a total of $100,000 to support the oil spill relief efforts in the Gulf of Mexico (THE DAILY)....FAST COMPANY included the following on its '10 list of the 100 Most Creative People in Business: Nike VP/Sustainable Business & Innovation HANNAH JONES (No. 8), ESPN Exec VP/Content JOHN SKIPPER (No. 27) and adidas Head of Digital Marketing, Sport Style Division CHRIS BARBOUR (No. 76) (FAST COMPANY, 6/ '10 issue)....Twenty-five current and former NFLers will take part in the annual NFL Broadcast Boot Camp at NFL Films in Mt. Laurel, N.J. The program from June 21-24 is directed by the NFL Broadcasting Department with instructors from each of the NFL's broadcast partners -- CBS, ESPN, Fox, NBC, NFL Network, Sirius Satellite Radio, Westwood One Radio, as well as local radio and TV (NFL)....Former Seton Hall Univ. men's basketball coach BOBBY GONZALEZ has signed with RLR Associates for broadcasting and marketing representation (RLR Associates).

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