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Tiger On Hiatus: Tim Finchem, PGA Tour Lampooned By NBC's "SNL"

"SNL" Addresses Woods Scandal With Skit
Including Impersonation Of Tim Finchem
This weekend's edition of NBC's "SNL" continued to poke fun at Tiger Woods, with several skits and a news item devoted to Woods. Cast member Jason Sudeikis portrayed PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem in one skit having a press conference. He was sitting at a table with the "PGA Tour" logo on the wall behind him alongside cards of the tour's sponsors, including Rolex, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, FedEx, Buick and Kodak. Finchem: "Yesterday, we got some interesting news. Tiger Woods announced that he was taking an 'indefinite break' from golf. Indefinite? And that's okay! We're going to be fine. People don't just watch golf because of him. We've still got plenty of other superstars. Exciting household names like Geoff Ogilvy. Boo-yah! Trevor Immelman. Can you handle the Immelman? And look out, Tim 'Lumpy' Herron's in the house. Watch out for Lumpy!" At this point, Finchem took a sip from a flask, looking worried about the situation. Finchem: "The PGA Tour will be just fine without Tiger Woods, and you know what? The sponsors, they are excited, too." While Finchem was talking, cast member Bobby Moynihan walked behind Finchem and removed the cards for MasterCard and Kodak from the wall. Finchem: "The PGA Tour: No Tiger, no problem!" Finchem returned again later, this time looking more ruffled, with his tie unbuttoned and new sponsors on the wall behind him. Finchem: "I really want to thank our new sponsors, The Madoff Investment Group, Major League Soccer and the movie 'Old Dogs.' Really happy to have you guys on the PGA team." Finchem appeared a third time, apparently drunk and singing Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." Finchem: "Hi, Tim Finchem, suicide watch." Finchem added, "I want to thank our newest sponsors: the Erie, Pennsylvania, Chamber of Commerce, the letter 'Q' and seltzer. You're looking for bubbles, well you're looking for seltzer."

PLAYING IN A NEW FOURSOME: The opening skit of the show featured Sudeikis portraying South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Bill Hader portraying U.S. Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) and Will Forte portraying former U.S. Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) in a C-SPAN segment to "Discuss Media Coverage of Tiger Woods' Affairs." Sanford: "Over the last two weeks, our national media has engaged in an orgy of coverage of professional golfer Tiger Woods and his alleged extramarital affairs. The coverage has been excessive, it has been lurid and it has completely overshadowed coverage of our extramarital affairs." Ensign: "Like Tiger Woods, we have broken our marriage vows, but in addition, as elected officials, we have also violated the public's trust. It's a pretty big deal, yet it seems the media couldn't care less." Edwards: "I had a love child" (“SNL,” NBC, 12/12).

Woods Served As An Ongoing Punchline
Throughout Saturday's "SNL" Episode
SATURDAY NIGHT TIGER: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's Ken Tucker wrote, "It seemed as though half of the show [Saturday] consisted of Tiger material" (, 12/13). In Orlando, Hal Boedeker wrote the show "couldn’t get enough of Tiger Woods" (, 12/13).'s Curt Wagner wrote Sudeikis' portrayal of Finchem "was the highlight of the episode" (, 12/13). The WALL STREET JOURNAL wrote the "sharpest 'SNL' jab was against the media, for its handling of the Tiger Woods scandal" (, 12/13).

MORE LATE-NIGHT LAUGHS: ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Friday said, "A few hours ago on his Web site ... Tiger Woods announced that he will take an indefinite leave of absence from golf. It's a shocking announcement. His fellow golfers are calling it the best Hanukkah ever. Golf is not what he needs to quit. That's like an alcoholic quitting Scrabble. At least when he is golfing, the wife can keep an eye on him, right? ... The only way Tiger Woods I think gets out of this whole thing is somehow during his leave of absence, he finds and kills Osama bin Laden" ("Jimmy Kimmel Live," ABC, 12/11). NBC's Conan O'Brien: "Sources are now saying that Tiger Woods has confessed everything to his wife and she has agreed to stay with him if he takes some time away from golf. Tiger said, 'That's okay because golf was starting to cut into my time with the ladies'" ("The Tonight Show," NBC, 12/11). CBS' David Letterman: "We finally heard some good news about the climate. Scientists now have noticed a chill over Tiger Woods' house" ("Late Show," CBS, 12/11).

GET USED TO IT: The GLOBE & MAIL's Joe Friesen notes while Woods was "once a subject of appreciative awe, he is now fodder for run-of-the-mill ridicule." has 574 Woods jokes, and Nielsen IAG measured "more than 20 instances through December 7 where a joke on a late-night talk-show paired Mr. Woods with one of his sponsors" (GLOBE & MAIL, 12/14). Golf analyst Peter Alliss said Woods "will be a figure of fun to comedians for years to come" (LONDON TIMES, 12/14).

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