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A-Rod Admission: Players, Execs Offer Mixed Reactions To The News

Gossage Says He Wants To Know The Other
103 Players Who Tested Positive In '03
MLB players and execs are offering a variety of reactions to the news Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs from '01-03. Marlins President David Samson said, "It was my understanding all those names were supposed to be confidential, so it's hard to even comment." Marlins Special Assistant Andre Dawson: "A lot of players, elite players in the game, have been hurt as a result of it. If you're going to expose people, expose everybody. ... The fact of the matter is it's damaging (to Rodriguez)" (South Florida SUN-SENTINEL, 2/11). Red Sox 1B Kevin Youkilis: "It's definitely not fair to just pinpoint one guy. I don't know if somebody had it in for him. I don't know what because it seems like just to take one name out of that whole group is a little odd to me." Baseball HOFer Goose Gossage: "I want to know who these other 100 guys are. Let's get it all out in the open" (AP, 2/11). Cardinals LF Skip Schumaker: "If you're going to throw one guy under the bus, everybody should be thrown under it. That list was long and it was up to the union to keep it under wraps. But now that they didn't do it, I think it's only fair that everyone else's name should come out as well" (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 2/11). White Sox P Matt Thornton: "It's frustrating to be put in that whole group. What is it, 104 names out of 1,200 or so? A lot of us should be saying, 'We don't have anything to worry about, I was clean.' When you have your big-name players under this, though, I mean (Rodriguez) was the poster boy for so much. He goes down, that hurts everyone a bit" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 2/11).

Wright Believes Rodriguez' 
Apology Was Sincere
APOLOGY ACCEPTED: Mets 3B David Wright said, "You can't ever condone using banned substances. You can't ever condone cheating. But with that being said, I think [Rodriguez] did a tremendous job owning up to it and I think his apology was sincere." Wright added, "I see what he's done the last few years, and it's pretty incredible the consistency throughout his career. I think he's a great player, and when I think it's all said and done, he'll be the best player to ever play the game." But Wright said, "It's very unfair to throw all of baseball into that because you had [5%] test positive (in 2003). I think it should be zero, and I think we're pretty close to that now" (NEWSDAY, 2/11). More Wright: "If I had to guess, I would guess that the game is clean and we're weeding out the cheaters" (Bergen RECORD, 2/11). Baseball HOFer George Brett said, "The one thing I am impressed with is he came right out and admitted it." But Brett added, "I was crushed by the news" (, 2/11).

DAMAGE DONE: Gossage said as a result of Rodriguez' admission, "everything has been smudged -- the Yankees, baseball, A-Rod, everyone involved and all of these other guys, too." More Gossage: "Alex is probably going to break the (home-run) record, but all credibility is out the window. Henry Aaron did it clean and that's the bottom line. Anything else is tainted and what does it mean?" (N.Y. POST, 2/11).  Former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent in a special to wrote, "I don't think anybody comes out of this whole period looking well. A-Rod has been hurt very badly. So has (Barry) Bonds. So has (Roger) Clemens. Baseball itself is hurt. ... I feel bad for baseball. It hurts baseball very badly" (, 2/10). D'Backs LF Eric Byrnes: "This is terrible for the game. I couldn't think of worse timing, and really I couldn't think of a worse player for this to happen to” ("BDSSP," FSN, 2/10). Meanwhile, Astros P Roy Oswalt said, "A-Rod's numbers shouldn't count for anything. I feel like he cheated me out of the game" (, 2/11).

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