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Blog Hound: Bloggers Praise Decision To Hand Yankees To Hal

Bloggers discuss the MLB owners' approval of Hal Steinbrenner as the new designated control executive for the Yankees.
Posted by: Seamus  
“This doesn't really change anything. … It feels kind of strange, though, to see such a prominent figure fade away so quickly, yet so quietly.”
Peter’s Red Sox Forever
Posted by: Peter N
“I never liked George but I admit he did a good job with the team after he purchased it for a ridiculously low price. He brought (with tons of money) world championships and [drove] attendance through the roof.”
Backwards K
Posted by: backwardsk
“With this subtle move, it seemingly ensures that Hank doesn’t ever take full control of the Yankees, which would be perfectly fine with me. … Given his father’s love of the Yankees, I trust Hal will be a good steward for the world’s most famous franchise.”
Rivera’s Cutter
Posted by: admin
"So for those worrying that Hank would become his father circa the 80’s, fear not.  And those who are hoping the Yankees of the 80’s are returning, well, too bad. I’ve said it before: Hank is just a quote machine.  That’s it.”
The Bad News Bloggers
Posted by: J. Galligan
"It didn't take Hal long to act. After offering C.C. Sabathia a contract, Hal threatened not to take flack from anyone. … And with that, the new Yankees era seems an awful lot like the old one. The Yankees won't play second fiddle (or 2nd choice) to the Dodgers or anybody.”

SportsMedia Challenge's BuzzManager analyzed online discussion surrounding Hal Steinbrenner taking over control of the Yankees from his father, George Steinbrenner. Visit for more info on this topic. See more info on this topic.

  • The Buzz ranked 6 out of 10, a topic of a medium level of interest among sports bloggers.
  • Bloggers in the positive category (61.29%) praised the move. They trust Hal to be a good steward of the franchise, more so than his outspoken brother Hank. They like that Hal is more quiet and reserved than Hank and perceived as more professional. They also felt that Hal has spent much more time with the team than Hank recently, making him the logical choice and the best for the organization.
  • Bloggers in the negative category (9.68%) were few. Some were fans of other MLB teams taking the opportunity to be negative about the Yankees.
  • Bloggers in the neutral category (29.03%) mentioned the announcement without expressing an opinion. Many note that this change has really only given him a new title, because George had already taken a much more hands off role and had all but handed the organization over to his sons already.

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