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Blog Hound: Bloggers Discuss Beckham's Short-Term Italian Loan

Bloggers discuss MLS Galaxy MF David Beckham's temporary loan to Italian Serie A club AC Milan, and the implications of the move for MLS.

Champions League Talk
The perception, at least in the US, might be that if a player from MLS can fit into a giant club like AC Milan than the overall quality of the league is higher than most are giving it credit for.
The Offside
The Beckham-to-Milan loan is at heart a recognition that MLS can’t cut it yet. Bringing Beckham to MLS has been a bit like bringing a Ferrari to a city that only has unpaved, potholed roads. How can you take advantage of the power it offers when the infrastructure isn’t there?
Eamonn Brennan
The Beckham experiment isn’t serving any immediate good. If it was, would they be so willing to send him to Europe for a year? If they were making any headway at all, would they disrupt it? If jersey sales were so strong, would they allow Becks to sport Milan’s black and red?
Going to the Mat
Matt Johnston
Beckham, when he came to America, said he wanted to grow the game in America. Size is not our problem, advancement is. Beckham needs to focus on that, more than anything else.
LIVE From Law School
Zak Kurtz
Having Beckham participate in two leagues simultaneously could also persuade other great international players to do the same, bringing more talent to the MLS, thus making American soccer and the MLS more competitive with other countries and leagues Internationally.

SportsMedia Challenge's Buzz Manager analyzed online discussion surrounding L.A. Galaxy MF David Beckham playing for AC Milan on loan during the MLS off-season. Visit for more info on this topic. See more info on this topic.

  • The Buzz ranked 3 out of 10, a topic of a low level of interest among sports bloggers.
  • Bloggers in the positive category thought it was a good move by Beckham. The benefits for Beckham and AC Milan were discussed more highly than any benefits for MLS. Some thought that Beckham playing in Italy in the off-season would be beneficial for MLS in that Beckham would be maintaining a high profile in soccer and could continue to increase buzz when he returns to L.A. for the MLS season.
  • Bloggers in the negative category wondered why MLS would risk losing Beckham, arguably its most valuable asset, to Milan permanently given how much MLS has invested in him. Some also pointed out that it reflects poorly on the L.A. Galaxy that some perceived the team to be out of the loop of any negotiations.
  • Bloggers in the neutral category understood Beckham's desire to stay fit and compete at a high level during the off-season to try to secure his spot on the England team. However, they were unsure if this move would accomplish that or how it would affect his relationship with the Galaxy.

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