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Blog Hound: NBA Names Ronald Johnson Senior VP/Referee Operations

Bloggers discuss the NBA hiring Army Maj. Gen. Ronald Johnson to oversee its officiating operations.

The SportsBaum
Posted by: Gabriel Baumgaertner

"Johnson is far from the solution of this problem. … Background checks, constant oversight and harsh penalties are the beginning steps of cleaning up the officiating.”

Online Casino Advisory
Posted by: Matt Miller

"Hiring Johnson may be a step in that direction, but it seems more public relations than true change of course. …What the NBA really needs is an investigative office.”

Illegal Screen
Posted by: BloggingRef

"From his resume anyway, the new guy seems like a straight-arrow decent guy. But couldn't they have gotten a respected college guy or college assignor?”

Millsport Blog
Posted by: Chris Anderson

“It's a good move for a couple a reasons:  First, it demonstrates to the fans and the media that the NBA is taking action to ensure its officiating is credible. … Second, according to at least one poll, Americans find military personnel to be trustworthy figures."

BUILDING THE BUZZ: Sports Media Challenge's Buzz Manager analyzed online discussion about the NBA hiring Johnson. Bloggers who thought it was a good move for the NBA and would help clean up the NBA’s image were tallied as positive, while bloggers who questioned Johnson’s experience or thought the hire would do nothing to improve NBA officiating were counted as negative. See more info on the topic. Visit for more info.

  • The topic ranked 4 of 10 on The Buzz, indicating a medium level of interest among sports bloggers.
  • Bloggers in the positive category were pleased the NBA is making an effort to improve its officiating program. Many believed that although Johnson does not have basketball experience, his many years in the Army would translate well. Bloggers thought creating Johnson's position would help the NBA rebound from the Tim Donaghy allegations.
  • Some bloggers were neutral on the topic, intrigued by the hiring of Johnson and wondering how it would affect the NBA.
  • Bloggers in the negative category questioned Johnson’s lack of basketball experience, believing that he is not qualified. One blogger questioned NBA Commissioner David Stern’s credibility after Stern insisted the league and its officiating were clean, wondering why the position needed to be created. 


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