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  • Buccaneers Rookies Brawl During NFL Rookie Symposium Session

    Buccaneers' Talib (l) And Boyd Come 
    To Blows At NFL Rookie Symposium 
    Buccaneers rookies CB Aqib Talib and RB Cory Boyd Wednesday at the NFL rookie symposium in Carlsbad, California, were "involved in a ... slugfest," according to Mike Florio of The players, who were among rookies from four different teams in a budget and finances meeting, had been "jawing at each other for a while, and it came to a head during that specific session." It is unknown whether the players were or will be disciplined (, 7/2). The fight was broken up by Packers Dir of Player Development Rob Davis (PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM, 7/2).

    ROOKIE SALARY CAP: ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said it was a “PR stunt” when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league needs a rookie salary cap. Mortensen: “In my talks with owners and executives leading up to the time in May when the owners opted out of the current (CBA), there’s never been a mention of rookie salaries being an issue. What Goodell knows and the owners do know is that the one way they can gain sympathy with the public for the coming labor confrontation, and also win over veteran players, is to push the concept of a rookie-wage scale when in fact it’s in their circle of core issues” (“NFL Live,” ESPN, 7/2). ESPN’s J.A. Adande: “I think this is something that you will see instituted in the NFL because it’ll be a nice bargaining chip. The veterans will say, ‘OK Roger Goodell, you can have this. We want some other concession from you’” ("PTI," ESPN, 7/2).

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  • League Notes

    Many Ballparks Having
    Trouble Selling Premium Seats
    In Philadelphia, John Smallwood writes of the NBA appointing Army Maj. Gen. Ronald Johnson to the newly created position of Senior VP/Referee Operations, "I'll give NBA commissioner David Stern this much: When the issue is credibility, he certainly knows how to at least give the appearance that he is tackling it head on." The "assumption ... is that the governing of NBA officials will be separated from the functions of basketball operations. That is a huge step toward convincing the public that the league will have little if any influence over the officiating wing of its product" (PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, 7/3).

    POWER OUTAGE: The AP's Tim Dahlberg wrote look around almost any MLB ballpark "outside of Boston or [N.Y.] and you'll see large chunks of prime seats going unused -- whether the game is sold out or not." The economy "could be to blame, as could the price of gas," as could "ticket prices that increased 10.9[%] this season alone." Or, "maybe baseball isn't delivering on what brought fans back to the ballpark in the first place in the late '90s and touched off today's attendance boom: the big home run" (AP, 7/2).

    TRENDING UPWARD: WNBA games on ABC through the end of June (four games) are averaging a 0.6 rating (747,035 viewers), up from a 0.5 rating last season. On ESPN2, WNBA games are averaging a 0.2 coverage area rating (250,241 viewers) through six games, even from the same point last season. Also, WNBA average attendance has risen to 7,519 through the end of June, a 2.44% increase over an average of 7,340 through the comparable period in '07 (THE DAILY).

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