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Blog Hound: The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre Reveals Identity

Bloggers discuss Jason McIntyre revealing himself as co-Creator and Principal Writer & Editor of popular sports blog The Big Lead.

Sports Media Journal
Posted by: Keith
“As much as these sites are popular, I did not like their choice of remaining anonymous.  If what you do as an online journalist (yes, bloggers are journalists in my mind) is hold others accountable for their actions, either on the field or off, then you have the responsibility to face the same scrutiny.  Hiding or creating a nom de plum doesn’t cut it with me.”
Posted by:
“A writer who writes under his own name comes across as more accountable, both to his readers and to his subjects. Knowing the name Jason McIntyre won’t change the way I read The Big Lead, but I’m still glad it’s been revealed.”
Fan House
Posted by: Greg Wyshynski
“I can only hope this trend continues here at FanHouse, so Michael David Smith can finally blog under his real name: David Michael Smith.”
The Big Lead
Posted by: Bronto
“Damn. It’s not Kornheiser.”
I Blog Because I Can
Posted by: E. Spencer Kyte
“How in the hell does a blogger relieving his identity make front page news on Sports Illustrated? Granted, it's on but still. This is ridiculous to me.”

BUILDING THE BUZZ: Sports Media Challenge's Buzz Manager analyzed the online buzz about McIntyre revealing his identity. Bloggers who were happy that McIntyre revealed his identity were tallied as positive, making up 45% of the buzz. Bloggers who were upset by or indifferent to McIntyre’s announcement were counted as negative, representing 18% of posts.Click here for more information. See for more info.

The topic ranked 4 out of 10 on the buzz, indicating a medium level of interest among sports bloggers.

  • Some bloggers think being able to associate a blog post with an actual person is important for the authenticity of the work. They believe a blog is more journalistic in nature when it can be accredited to a real person rather than an alias.
  • Other bloggers could care less that McIntyre revealed his identity. They don’t think knowing who writes The Big Lead will change how they read the blog.
  • McIntyre is now added to this list of prominent bloggers with impressive writing and journalism credentials that have revealed their identities. Their identities are helping to quiet critics that believe bloggers are fanatic ESPN watchers with no job.

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