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Blog Hound: ESPN's "MNF" Booth Crew

Yesterday, Blog Hound explored the reaction to Keith Olbermann joining NBC's NFL coverage. Today, we offer blogger opinions of ESPN's Mike Tirico-Ron Jaworski-Tony Kornheiser announce team for "MNF" and the inclusion of a halftime version of ESPN's "PTI" featuring Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon.

Posted by: Eric Fingerhut
Someone actually realized that doing PTI at halftime might be a pretty good idea--especially considering both Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon are actually in the stadium anyway.
Posted by: Sandy
“I've always wondered why ESPN gave this job to Kornheiser instead of Wilbon. Wilbon was a football writer and knows the game better than Tony.”
Orange Power
Posted by: OStateMan
“I like Mike Tirico just fine. Jaws is not my idea of the "ex-athlete expert," but not as irritating as Kornheiser.”
Armchair GM
Posted by: Seanlahman
“When Kornheiser tries to be funny, he usually is. His hit to miss ratio is pretty high, and part of that's because he's not trying to crack a joke every thirty seconds.”
Lone Star Ball
Posted by: Chase Irwin
“Jaws is a breath of fresh air for the MNF booth. He's been good with breaking down plays and strategy. Best technical analyst in recent memory anyway, judging by tonight's game.”

BUILDING THE BUZZ: Sports Media Challenge's Sports Blog Index analyzed the buzz surrounding the'07 "MNF" crew. Bloggers for the most part share a positive sentiment towards the new crew in the booth, citing a better chemistry among the announcers than last season. Click here for more information. Visit for more info.

  • The topic measured 6 out of 10 on The Buzz, indicating a medium level of interest.
  • Positive sentiment/exposure stems from bloggers who feel that the addition of Jaworski to the "MNF" crew allows Kornheiser to be more relaxed. Others feel the crew is better simply because Joe Theismann is no longer on it.  Other bloggers feel this is the best booth in football right now.
  • Negative sentiment/exposure stems from some bloggers who feel that Kornheiser isn’t suited for "MNF" and that his style is more suited to his talk shows. Other bloggers feel there is a lack of chemistry between the three announcers.

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