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Blog Hound: Bloggers Taking NFL To Task Over Urlacher Fine

With the NFL fining Bears LB Brian Urlacher $100,000 for wearing a hat for Glaceau’s vitaminwater during Super Bowl Media Day, bloggers are criticizing the league for being overly-protective of its sponsors, while at the same time acknowledging the exposure the story has meant for vitaminwater.

Newsday's What about Bob?
Posted By: Bob Glauber
“Pretty expensive ad, although we suspect Vitaminwater is only too happy about having Urlacher wear the hat. And getting fined, as well. After all, do you think we would ever think of mentioning the product unless Urlacher got slapped with the fine?”
Odds and Sods
“The NFL cracked down on Urlacher because he committed the ultimate crime. He tried to make money without big brother having its well greased hand in the pot. The result is a fine that is nearly 3 times as much as Terrell Owens was fined for spitting in someone’s face.”
Kurt Nose Best
Posted By: Kurt Nose Best
“It’s times like these when you just shake your head at what the NFL does. Uniform police aside (different rant for another day), this dictating of appropriate corporate attire has to border on unconstitutional. Isn’t Urlacher simply exercising his right to freedom of expression?”
Bangers and Mishmash
Posted By: kilted domer
“This makes me laugh until you think about how un-American it is. If we are a country that stands up for the freedom of choice, then what business is it of the NFL or its sponsors which beverage Brian Urlacher or any other player chooses to drink, no matter where he is?”
The Sports Frog
Posted By: edwzipper
“Vitaminwater. Let’s say that again Vitaminwater. This is great for the Vitaminwater company. Over two months after the Big Game (we won’t mention the actual name, no idea who Petty Goodell will fine next) the Vitaminwater company is in the news. Not only are they in the news but they couldn’t buy publicity like this.”

Sports Media Challenge’s Sports Blog Index measured exposure as it relates to vitaminwater's brand. Click for more analysis.

  • In general, the blogosphere responded positively towards vitaminwater, resulting in what could be considered a successful ambush marketing tactic.
  • Several blogs are reminded of Jim McMahon's incident with his adidas headband in ‘85.

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