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  • BCS Will Mull Idea Of Selection Committee, But Not A Playoff

    Big 12 Commissioner & BCS Coordinator Kevin Weiberg said Tuesday at the Football Writers Association of America's awards breakfast that a new BCS formula, necessitated by last month’s withdrawal of the AP poll, “probably will entail more than just the USA TODAY/ESPN Coaches' Poll and computer ratings,” according to Jack Carey of USA TODAY. Weiberg: “I don't believe that the coaches' poll and a combination of computers is sufficient. I think something else is going to have to happen. The pressure voters are under would only be enhanced if more emphasis is placed on the coaches' poll.” While Weiberg is interested in discussing a human committee that would have final say on picking the teams for a national championship game, he said there “might be writers out there still interested in participating in some fashion (in a ranking system apart from AP's). Or it might have to be a hybrid approach involving writers and perhaps others who have been part of the sport historically but are retired from their positions” (USA TODAY, 1/5). Weiberg, on a playoff system: “I really do not see an NFL-style playoff coming to college football anytime soon. College presidents and chancellors have really expressed no interest in the expansion of the postseason in terms of additional games” (MIAMI HERALD, 1/5).

    Would Non-BCS Conference Teams
    Fare Better With Selection Committee?

    BULLPEN BY COMMITTEE: In Ft. Lauderdale, Ted Hutton reports that the commissioners of the six BCS conferences will meet later this week at the NCAA convention in Dallas to begin discussion on the formation of a selection committee. But Weiberg “doubted anything would be accomplished until the spring, and possibly later.” Weiberg: “I can see merit that could exist around a committee structure, although I think it will have to be carefully designed.” Weiberg noted that the committee would do more than select the two teams to play in the championship game, adding, “We are still going to need to have some sort of standings” (Ft. Lauderdale SUN-SENTINEL, 1/5). In Atlanta, Tony Barnhart writes Weiberg believes a committee “would have to be larger than the NCAA’s basketball selection committee, which numbers 10. He also believes it would have to be made up of current [ADs] and commissioners.” The BCS bowls would also have to be represented. Weiberg: “You would have to have broad representation of the conferences.” More Weiberg: “In the first few years [of the BCS] we have had issues, but it didn’t seem to rise quite to the level of scrutiny and criticism that is out there at this point. There seems to be a high level of public angst” (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 1/5). But Weiberg said of the idea of forming a committee, “I’m not prepared to endorse it because I want to hear more about the discussion with my colleagues” (AP, 1/4).

    PLUS ONE: In DC, Liz Clarke reports that Weiberg “conceded it might be possible, in time, to transform the fifth BCS bowl (which will be added after the 2006 season) from simply a bowl that grants two more teams spots in a lucrative game to a so-called ‘plus-one’ bowl that would pit the winners” of certain bowls in a championship game. TV executives have “made clear they favor a ‘plus-one’ model and would pay more for it, but college presidents are wary of anything that smacks of a playoff.” Weiberg: “In my own conference I would have presidents that would be open to thinking about it and interested in at least exploring it, but that differs greatly by conference” (WASHINGTON POST, 1/5).

    THE BEST WE CAN DO? In Seattle, Ted Miller reports former SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer was inducted into the Orange Bowl Hall of Honor last night. When it was announced at the game that he “spearheaded the formation of the BCS, the crowd booed lustily” (SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, 1/5). But Weiberg said, “I think it's very important to remember, even though this is a very simple matter, (Tuesday night's) game would really not have been possible prior to the BCS. ... It's very likely without this structure we would have had these three teams (USC, Oklahoma, Auburn) spread across three different bowl games” (ST. PETE TIMES, 1/5).

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