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In San Diego, Brent Schrotenboer reports the BCS is “close to finalizing a deal with NOTRE DAME that could alter the school’s revenue-sharing plan with the BCS, starting with the new BCS format in 2006.” Possibilities include “increasing the school’s share when [Notre Dame does not] earn a BCS berth and decreasing their share when they do.” Currently, if Notre Dame reaches one of the four BCS bowls it receives around $17M. When it does not, Notre Dame gets nothing. Big 12 Commissioner and BCS Coordinator KEVIN WEIBERG said, “Clearly Notre Dame brings great value to the package. They’ve been a good partner to our discussions” (SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, 11/16).

WORKING WITH LES: Last night’s edition of CBS’ “Late Show” featured a regular segment called “More With Les” where CBS’s David Letterman phones Viacom co-President & co-COO LES MOONVES. Letterman: “I saw last week where the FCC fined CBS a half a million dollars for the JANET JACKSON thing (during halftime of the Super Bowl). Now does CBS have to pay that or do the affiliated stations have to pay that?” Moonves: “We have to pay it and we’re going to fight that because we think it’s wrong. ... We fight the FCC and we say we were not responsible. We’re sorry it happened. It was a bad thing that happened but it wasn’t our fault.” Letterman: “But between you and me you enjoyed it, right?” Moonves: “Every second of it.” Letterman: “Why don’t you sue Janet Jackson?” Moonves: “If we have to pay the money that could happen. Who knows? ... I think that family is having a little trouble this year” (“Late Show,” CBS, 11/15).

DROP KICK: Real Madrid MF DAVID BECKHAM has “rejected a chance to star alongside STEVE MARTIN and BEYONCE KNOWLES in the new PINK PANTHER film due to be released next summer,” but Beckham “has not ruled out a move into the movie business after his football career.” Beckham: “There was Bend it Like Beckham. Then there’s a new movie called Goal that I’m involved in as it’s to do with [his sponsor] Adidas” (, 11/16).

Book To Hit N.Y. Times
Best-Seller List At No. 33

NAMES: New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) Chair RON STEVENS placed boxer EVANDER HOLYFIELD “on an indefinite medical suspension based on his poor performance” in a loss Saturday at MSG to LARRY DONALD. Holyfield will have to be cleared by NYSAC physician DR. BARRY JORDAN before he “can get in the ring anywhere else in the U.S.” as all other state commissions “will honor New York’s suspension” (Tim Smith, N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 11/16)....Packers QB BRETT FAVRE’s new book, “FAVRE,” co-published by the NFL and Rugged Land LLC, will appear at No. 33 on the November 21 N.Y. Times Hardcover Nonfiction Best-Seller list (Packers)....Flyers C JEREMY ROENICK was a guest host on FSN’s “BDSSP” last night and wore a T-shirt that read, “Worst Damn Hockey Moment Period: Get A Deal Done” (“BDSSP,” FSN, 11/15).

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