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              The following lists the final national and cable
         Nielsen ratings from recent sports events (THE DAILY).
    EVENT                            DATE  NET      TIME      RAT/SHR
    NCAA Football: Nebraska-Oklahoma 10/28 ABC  12:00-3:15pm  6.3/17
    NCAA Football: (regional)        10/28 ABC   3:30-7:00pm  5.2/13
    "College Football Today"         10/28 CBS   3:00-3:30pm  0.9/2
    NCAA Football: (regional)        10/28 CBS   3:30-7:15pm  3.7/9
    NBA Special: "A Fan's Preview"   10/28 NBC   1:30-2:30pm  0.9/3
    NCAA Football: Air Force-N.D.    10/28 NBC   2:30-6:30pm  2.3/6
    Skate America                    10/29 ABC   1:30-3:30pm  1.7.4
    Road to the Tour Championship    10/29 ABC   3:30-4:00pm  1.4/3
    National Car Rental Golf Classic 10/29 ABC   4:00-6:00pm  3.2/7
    NFL On CBS: (regional)           10/29 CBS   1:00-4:00pm  7.8/19
    NFL On CBS: Jaguars-Cowboys      10/29 CBS   4:15-7:30pm 11.7/23
    "Fox NFL Sunday"                 10/29 Fox  12:00-1:00pm  4.2/12
    NFL On Fox: (regional)           10/29 Fox   1:00-4:15pm 12.4/29
    Figure Skating: Pro Super Teams  10/29 Fox   4:30-6:00pm  2.3/6
    Pro Figure Skating Championships 10/29 NBC   2:00-4:00pm  1.8/4
    Gravity Games                    10/29 NBC   4:00-6:00pm  1.8/4
    "MNF": Titans-Redskins           10/30 ABC 9:00pm-12:15am 13.8/22
                                                  US  COV
    EVENT                             DATE  NET  AREA AREA  SHR   000
    NFL: Lions-Bucs                   10/19 ESPN  4.9  6.3   10  5015
    "KO Nation 5": Shufford-Brewster  10/21 HBO   0.9  2.7    6   925
    "KO Nation 5": Mayweather-Burton  10/21 HBO   1.0  3.0    6  1034
              NOTES: For broadcast numbers, one ratings point =
         1,008,000 homes.  "COV AREA" = % of homes tuned into that
         program in that network's universe of subscribers.
              NFL: ABC's "MNF" is averaging a 12.7/27 through nine
         games, down 9% from last year's 13.9/23....CBS' NFL coverage
         is averaging a 9.0/20, down 9% from a 9.9/22 a year ago. 
         ....Fox' NFL coverage is averaging a 10.4/24, down 4% from a
         10.8/24 a year ago.  "Fox NFL Sunday" is averaging a 3.7/10,
         down 3% from a 3.8/11 last year....ESPN's Sunday night NFL
         games are averaging a 7.3/(5,757,000 HHs), down 12% from an
         8.3/(6,401,000 HHs) a year ago.  ESPN's "Sunday NFL
         Countdown," from 11:00am-1:00pm ET, is averaging a 2.0/
         (1,611,000 HHs), down 13% from last year's 2.3/(1,774,000). 
              COLLEGE FOOTBALL: CBS is averaging a 2.9/8 through ten
         college football telecasts, down 3% from a 3.0/8 last
         year....NBC's Notre Dame football coverage is averaging a
         3.4/9, up 21% from a 2.8/8 in '99....ABC is averaging a
         4.1/10 rating through 14 college football telecasts, down 9%
         from a 4.5/12 through the same point last year (THE DAILY). 
         In L.A., Tom Hoffarth credits ABC's "flash of brilliance"
         for allowing its West Coast affils to decide whether or not
         to air last Saturday's Univ. of NE-Univ. of OK game at
         9:00am PT.  The 6.3/17 rating on Saturday "was tops for the
         season" on the net, "bolstered by" L.A.'s 6.6, Seattle's 7.0
         and Portland's 8.0 rating (L.A. DAILY NEWS, 11/3).
              RATINGS FOR THE GRAVITY GAMES DOWN: NBC is averaging a
         1.6/4 after four weeks of the Gravity Games, down 6% from
         last year's 1.7/4 through five weeks (THE DAILY). 

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              NESN "is trying to make the jump from premium sports
         channel costing about $10 a month to part of the standard
         service package offered" by New England's cable companies,
         according to Bruce Mohl of the BOSTON GLOBE.  RCN Corp.
         became the first cable TV operator to "make the switch" this
         week and its customers will now receive NESN, which
         previously cost $9.95 per month, as part of their 82-channel
         "standard service lineup."  AT&T Broadband is also talking
         with NESN on the channel's future placement.  Mohl writes
         that by joining the standard service lineup, NESN viewership
         "would increase dramatically and give the channel the
         opportunity to boost" its ad rates.  One cable industry
         source said that NESN's "penetration of cable homes was
         about" 12% in June, but "tends to drop" after the end of the
         Red Sox' season (BOSTON GLOBE, 11/3).  RCN VP & GM Bob
         Sheehan said that the company's move to carry NESN affects
         50,000 subscribers in Boston and 11 suburban communities. 
         NESN reaches 1.5 million New England homes and is a free
         service in CT, VT, ME and Northern NH, but cost $8-12
         monthly "in and near" Boston (BOSTON HERALD, 11/3).

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              TV MONITOR: Last night's 10:00pm ET 60-minute edition
         of FSN's "National Sports Report" led with first round
         coverage of The Tour Championship, followed by Hawks-Knicks. 
         Last night's 11:00pm ET 30-minute edition of CNN/SI's
         "Sports Tonight" led with The Tour Championship, followed by
         Joe Smith's arbitration hearing.  Last night's 11:00pm ET
         (late due to NCAA football) 60-minute edition of ESPN's
         "SportsCenter" led with T'Wolves-Spurs, followed by Pacers-
         Mavericks.  The first non-NBA report, at 7:01 into the
         broadcast, was The Tour Championship (THE DAILY).  
              NOTES: The DAILY RACING FORM's Matt Hegarty reports
         that the NTRA "has submitted a proposal to Fox Sports that
         would keep the NTRA's 'Champions on Fox' series for older
         horses on the network next year despite a dearth of
         available broadcast time" (DAILY RACING FORM, 11/3)...IMG
         Senior VP Barry Frank, on client Bob Costas' possible
         interest in working Blue Jays games for TSN next season: "We
         haven't been approached, but I guess if they offered $20-
         million or something, we might be interested.  But I don't
         think it's realistic that he would be doing the Blue Jays
         games" (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 11/3)....Rob Jacobson, the new
         Exec VP at PPV distributor In Demand, said he is looking to
         "level the competitive playing field with DirecTV in getting
         out-of-market sports events" to cable subscribers.  He wants
         to approach MLB about an annual baseball package and hopes
         to end DirecTV's exclusivity with the NFL when the new NFL
         contract comes up after the 2002 season (DAILY VARIETY,
         11/3)....In Baltimore, Milton Kent reports that the Orioles'
         eight-year TV deal with WJZ-CBS has ended at a time when the
         team's cable/broadcast ratings overall were down 21% for the
         2000 season, and down 23% on WJZ (Baltimore SUN., 11/3). 

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              Chargers QB Jim Harbaugh refused to answer questions on
         Wednesday from San Diego Union-Tribune beat writer Jim
         Trotter, who wore a 49ers sweatshirt to the team's practice
         (, 11/2).  Trotter wrote about the incident in
         Thursday's Chargers notebook, but he did not name himself as
         the reporter.   Harbaugh said it was "pathetic" a reporter
         would wear the logoed sweat shirt.  Harbaugh: "I don't talk
         to anybody in a San Francisco 49ers shirt.  How could you
         wear that out here? ... Seriously, man.  How could you wear
         that out here to a Chargers facility?"  When Trotter said he
         was not employed by the Chargers, Harbaugh said, "Well, I
         don't answer any questions from anybody wearing the enemy's
         jersey" (UNION-TRIBUNE, 11/2).  Asked why he didn't use his
         own name in his story, Trotter said, "The paper wanted
         nothing but a transcript of what happened."  Meanwhile,
         Union-Tribune Sports Editor Chuck Scott told ESPN that "the
         newspaper does not have a policy regarding sports logos on
         the job, but he said reporters are expected to wear
         professional attire" (, 11/2). 
              MILLER'S HIGH TIME: "MNF" Exec Producer Don Ohlmeyer,
         on the recent survey by The Bonham Group showing that 36% of
         viewers feel that "MNF" is more entertaining with Dennis
         Miller (see THE DAILY, 10/31): "You really have 36% of the
         people saying their enjoyment of Monday Night Football is up
         because of Dennis.  That's enormous in this business. ... I
         can't imagine Dennis not coming back" (USA TODAY, 11/3). 
         ABC's Al Michaels calls Miller "brilliant": "He really gets
         what we are doing.  He understands this business
         mechanically.  It's fascinating to watch a guy come along so
         quickly" (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 11/3).
              PRE-GAME SHOWS: In Tampa, Ernest Hooper reviews the NFL
         Sunday pre-game shows and writes of ESPN's "Sunday NFL
         Countdown": "For the serious minded fan, [this show] is the
         best."  On "Fox NFL Sunday," Hooper writes, "This show also
         delivers quality, but it becomes increasingly more difficult
         to mine through the superfluous bells and whistles to get to
         the good stuff."  On FSN's "NFL This Morning," Hooper
         writes, "The only time good will be in a sentence about this
         show, it will be coupled with riddance" (ST. PETERSBURG
         TIMES, 11/3).  In Boston, Gerry Callahan calls CBS' "The NFL
         Today" the "best new comedy on network TV this fall.  The
         bad news: It's supposed to be an NFL pregame show.  Did
         Jerry Glanville eat a lot of paint chips as a child?  The
         only thing sillier than [CBS'] decision to move its pregame
         show outside this year is [FSN's] idea to have a table full
         of B-grade analysts ... on Sunday mornings.  I don't know
         about anyone else, but I just can't enjoy a game until I
         hear what Jay Mohr has to say" (BOSTON HERALD, 11/3). (#10).

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              It "appears that St. Martin's Press has won the fight"
         to publish the memoir of former IN Univ. (IU) men's
         basketball coach Bobby Knight, according to P.J. Mark of  Mark wrote that the $2M "auction predicted by
         some" for the memoir "never quite materialized," but St.
         Martin's was one of two publishers that "did duke it out in
         an auction worth" $1.25M.  One publishing exec said that as
         soon as Knight "can sign off on the deal, the book will go
         to" St. Martin's Editor Pete Wolverton.  Knight's agent,
         IMG's Mark Reiter, did not return calls on the subject. 
         Mark reported that last week, Knight "made the rounds of
         publishers with a 50-page proposal in hand, and was expected
         to meet with at least" eight editors yesterday and today.  A
         "handful" of editors whose publishing houses did not bid on
         the project "felt the price was too high, even if Knight has
         lately occupied the public spotlight because of his high-
         profile dismissal" from IU (, 11/2).

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              TBS' season-opening NBA doubleheader on Tuesday,
         featuring 76ers-Knicks and Trail Blazers-Lakers, averaged a
         1.8 cable rating, up 28% from last year's regular season
         average of 1.3, but down 10% from '99's opening-night
         doubleheader on TNT, according to Prentis Rogers of the
         ATLANTA CONSTITUTION (11/3).  In Houston, David Barron
         reports that Tuesday's T'Wolves-Rockets opener earned a
         3.6/5 on new Rockets carrier KTBU-IND.  Barron calls the
         rating "not good, but understandable. ... Factor in reduced
         expectations, the fact the season opener took place on
         Halloween and the move to a new channel, and the result was
         a nine-point drop from last year's 12.6/18 for the opener." 
         Barron writes that as the season "progresses and fans become
         more acquainted with the Rockets' new home on [KTBU],
         ratings are likely to increase" (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 11/3).
              NBA BEAT: In Chicago, John Jackson reviews "The NBA
         Beat," TV's new interactive call-in show held each
         afternoon at 4:00pm.  Jackson writes that the show "needs a
         little work," as it debuted Tuesday with a host "sitting
         behind a computer at a desk taking calls and e-mail from
         fans around the world.  It's a glorified version of sports-
         talk radio -- thankfully without the sexist slant -- and
         that's a bit dull for television" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 11/3).
              SIR CHARLES STANDING OUT: In CA, Evan Tuchinsky calls
         Turner NBA studio analyst Charles Barkley "opinionated,
         funny, charismatic.  The only shame is he's buried on cable"
         (Riverside PRESS-ENTERPRISE, 11/3).  During last night's
         Mavs-Pacers game, Barkley noted Mavs C Shawn Bradley dunking
         on Pacers C Jermaine O'Neal: "You got to foul him.  You
         don't want to be on 'SportsCenter'."  TNT's Ernie Johnson:
         "Hey, you can't mention that here, can you?" (TNT, 11/2).

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