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          Jeff Maggert won the inaugural Andersen Consulting
     Match Play Championship on the 38th hole during Sunday's
     final round, beating Andrew Magee with a 20-foot chip-in. 
     Afterward, the runner-up Magee commented on the final, which
     was absent of the game's top players: "I don't think it
     worked for you (the media).  I think it worked for me." 
     Maggert won $1M, while Magee took home $500,000 (DALLAS
     MORNING NEWS, 3/1).  For the event's ratings, see (#29). In
     N.Y., Dave Anderson writes that until Sunday's exciting
     finish, the tournament "had been more monotonous than
     marvelous" (N.Y. TIMES, 3/1).  In Chicago, Ed Sherman calls
     Sunday's final round featuring Maggert and Magee a "huge
     letdown for a week that had such potential" (CHICAGO
     TRIBUNE, 3/1).  In Akron, Michael Weinreb writes that the
     first-time World Tour event ended with "two guys with all
     the star power of the Maytag repairman, playing for a cool
     million in front of sparse galleries and bored TV audiences.
     ... Funny.  ABC ... kept telling us it didn't matter"
     (BEACON JOURNAL, 3/1).  USA TODAY's Rudy Martzke writes that
     if it "weren't for the dramatic duel of the largely unknown
     golfers [on Sunday] ... ABC wouldn't have survived the
     three-day match-play massacre of the sport's top names, the
     potential drawback of this over-hyped format" (USA TODAY,
     3/1).  In Houston, David Barron writes that ABC "did get a
     mild break with the suspenseful ending" (HOUSTON CHRONICLE,
     3/1).   In Atlanta, Prentis Rogers gives credit to ABC for
     "truth in advertising" in airing a sound bite of Maggert
     saying that Sunday's final is "probably not the match you
     wanted, but it's the match you're getting."  But Rogers adds
     that the names of Maggert and Magee "weren't evident in the
     ABC promos prior to Sunday" (ATL. CONSTITUTION, 3/1).  On
     GOLFWEB, Lorne Rubenstein writes that ABC anchor Mike Tirico
     "protested too much during" the final and kept "drumming up
     the joys of match play even when the stars [were] long gone"
     (GOLFWEB, 2/28).  But in Orlando, Larry Guest called the
     event a "refreshing start" to the series and added that
     "it's sad that we've reached an age where the credibility of
     sporting competitions overwhelmingly is judged on the basis
     of Nielsens and star power" (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 2/28). 
          FINAL NOTES: During Tiger Woods' loss on Friday, a
     voice in the gallery said, "C'mon Tiger, don't make us watch
     basketball on Sunday" (N.Y. TIMES, 2/27).  After losing,
     Woods said his absence "may hurt the (TV) ratings a little
     bit" (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 2/27)....In L.A., J.A. Adande
     reports that Woods tried to get tickets to yesterday's
     Rockets-Lakers game and even called Charles Barkley, but "by
     then it was way too late" (L.A. TIMES, 3/1)....Magee, who
     sports a Coors Light ad on his golf shirt, was drinking a
     Bud Light at his press conference Saturday (GOLFWEB, 2/27).
     ...CNN/ asked browsers if the event exceeded, met or
     fell short of their expectations.  Of 7,407 votes, 34% said
     it exceeded their expectations, 28% said it met their
     expectations, while 38% said it fell short of expectations.
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