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          New York City Council Speaker Peter Vallone "refused to
     drop his call" on Friday for a referendum on any new Yankee
     stadium, one day after team Owner George Steinbrenner said
     Vallone's actions could led him to relocate his team out of
     New York, according to Michael Finnegan of the N.Y. DAILY
     NEWS.  Vallone said he was "definitely proceeding with" the
     stadium referendum, adding that city voters "must be allowed
     to decide whether taxpayer money is spent on the nation's
     most expensive ballpark at a time when many public schools
     are in disrepair."  NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani "added to the
     extraordinary pressure" on Vallone, "echoing" Steinbrenner's
     statements, and saying that the city "must be able to offer
     Steinbrenner a Manhattan ballpark" if the team decides to
     leave Yankee Stadium (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 6/8).  
          NO CHANCE TO WIN VOTE? In N.Y., Clifford Levy wrote an
     analysis of Giuliani's opposition to a referendum under the
     header, "Sensing A Defeat."  He wrote that Giuliani is
     looking to avoid a vote as, "stadium naysayers here, as in
     similar votes elsewhere, would seem to have the upper hand"
     (N.Y. TIMES, 6/6).  In N.Y., Mike Lupica wrote that
     Steinbrenner uses "vague threats" in talks of a new stadium,
     but "never comes out and tells us exactly what he wants" 
     (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 6/7).  Also in N.Y., Dave Anderson wrote,
     "[E]verybody should know that whenever [Steinbrenner] talks
     about taking his team anywhere, he's bluffing" (N.Y. TIMES,
     6/7).  But a N.Y. POST editorial titled "Steinbrenner Is
     Serious," stated that, "Whatever else Steinbrenner may be,
     he isn't a loose cannon. ... When he says Jersey, he means
     Jersey" (N.Y. POST, 6/6).  A N.Y. TIMES editorial stated
     that while the "referendum Mr. Vallone desires is unlikely
     to enhance public discourse" of a facility, it is his "right
     to raise the issue of public financing."  The paper
     concluded: "The universe of private financing options is a
     lot wider than Mr. Steinbrenner and the other lords of
     baseball let on" (N.Y. TIMES, 6/6). 

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