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              Nike announced the formation of a new hockey category
         business unit, which combines Nike and Bauer's hockey
         organizations into a standalone business unit, while
         maintaining both brand names.  Bauer President Pierre Boivin
         will manage the new entity -- based in Montreal -- which
         will be responsible for all areas of the business for both
         the Bauer and Nike brands, including research, product
         design and development, dual brand global marketing, sales
         and distribution.  Organizational details will be finalized
         over the course of the coming fiscal year (Nike).
              THE GRAFTERS: In Calgary, Paul Jackson profiles
         Calgary-based Graf, which is now producing 30,000 pairs of
         skates a year and is looking to expand its manufacturing ops
         "within a year."  Graf expects its staff, now at 35, to
         almost double over that same period (CALGARY SUN, 6/5).

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              ESPN's Rich Eisen reported last night that UNC men's
         basketball coach Bill Guthridge signed a five-year, $2.25M
         shoe contract with Nike, a deal worth "more than three times
         his coaching salary" ("SportsCenter," 6/4).  In Raleigh, 
         Steve Elling reports that Guthridge will receive $500,000
         from Nike next year, and another $150,000 if UNC wins an
         NCAA title.  The numbers, when coupled with his base salary
         and yet-to-be finalized TV contract, are expected to push
         his annual compensation to $1M.  Guthridge earns $155,000 in
         base salary.  Guthridge, on the Nike deal: "It's kind of out
         of whack.  I know I'm not worth this kind of money."  Elling
         calls the numbers "enormous," adding that Guthridge could
         stand to make a total of $768,000 this season, not including
         earnings for his weekly TV show, running the UNC basketball
         summer camp, or his $25,000 annual school expense account. 
         Nike also signed UNC football coach Carl Torbush to a
         "considerably smaller" deal (Raleigh NEWS & OBSERVER, 6/5).

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              The IHL has joined with Coca-Cola in an advertising
         experiment where it will display the PowerAde logo on the
         top of the goal nets during the Wolves-Vipers Turner Cup
         Final.  The new advertising, which debuted during Tuesday
         night's Game Two, will be utilized for the remainder of the
         series.  The PowerAde logo also appears on the back and side
         bars of each net (IHL).  The logo is painted in the twine on
         top of each net, and IHL VP/Communications Bill Jamieson
         said it is "very visible" to the in-arena crowd and to the
         TV audience during high-angle camera shots.  Fox Sports Net
         is airing all Cup games on a tape-delay basis.  Although
         PowerAde is not an IHL sponsor, both the Rosemont Horizon
         (home of the Wolves) and The Palace of Auburn Hills (Vipers)
         are arenas where Coca-Cola has pouring rights.  Jamieson
         said Coke is not paying for the PowerAde signage during the
         ad test.  But if it proves successful, the IHL may look into
         selling the inventory space next year (THE DAILY).

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              Despite a report in the Charlotte Observer yesterday,
         Tellem & Associates told THE DAILY that while Arn Tellem has
         worked with Scott Montross in the past with regards to his
         son Eric, Tellem will be the exclusive representative of
         former UNC player Antawn Jamison (THE DAILY)....Clyde
         Drexler is featured in a new Denny's TV spot which begins
         airing nationally on Monday.  The ad, from Lowe & Partners/
         SMS, touts Denny's summer burger promo (Denny's)....CA-based
         OPI Products was named the official nail care provider of
         the ABL.  OPI will form an ABL Nail Care Team consisting of
         ABL players who will make personal appearances at OPI-
         sponsored events and be featured in a fall campaign which
         will run in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Jane and In Style.  The
         group will also make an appearance on E!'s "Fashion
         Emergency" (ABL)....TENNIS WEEK reports that John McEnroe,
         who designed shirts last year for US Open sponsor Heineken,
         will create a new design for this year's tournament....In
         other news, Justin Gimelstob is "swapping" manager Beau
         Delafield for Jeff Schwartz at IMG.  Delafield left IMG to
         work in investment banking (TENNIS WEEK, 6/4 issue).   
              A HARD RUN? USA TODAY's cover story examines the USGA's
         possible ban on titanium clubs under the header, "USGA Fears
         Modern Gear May Make Golf Too Easy."  Jerry Potter reports
         that the "mere possibility" of a metalwoods ban "has created
         a buzz from Main Street to Wall Street," with the authority
         of the USGA "at stake" (USA TODAY, 6/5).  Callaway Golf
         Chair Ely Callaway, on the possible ban: "May I suggest that
         golf is no longer a game primarily for the few, nor should
         it be ruled by or for the few" (OTTAWA SUN, 6/5).

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              Canon "is close" to signing a four-year extension with
         the Greater Hartford Open (GHO) as part of the PGA Tour's
         "new plan to get long-term commitments from title sponsors,"
         according to Bruce Berlet of the HARTFORD COURANT.  The
         "stumbling block," however, is an additional multimillion
         dollar investment in the purse, which is expected to total
         more than $3M by 2002.  Canon increased the purse this year
         by $500,000, to $2M, bringing its total commitment for prize
         money and TV spots "to a reported" $5M.  Canon's GHO
         contract expires this year (HARTFORD COURANT, 6/5).

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              The following lists apparel suppliers, listed
         alphabetically, for the 32 participating World Cup soccer
         teams.  Among the top providers: adidas has 7 teams, Nike
         outfits 6, Puma outfits 5 and Umbro outfits 4 (THE DAILY). 
    Mexico ABA Sport Italy Nike
    Saudi Arabia ABA Sport Netherlands Nike
    Argentina adidas Nigeria Nike
    France adidas South Korea Nike
    Germany adidas United States Nike
    Japan adidas Austria Puma
    Romania adidas Bulgaria Puma
    Spain adidas Cameroon Puma
    Yugoslavia adidas Iran Puma
    Belgium Diadora Morocco Puma
    Denmark Hummel Chile Reebok
    Jamaica Kappa Paraguay Reebok
    South Africa Kappa Columbia Umbro
    Croatia Lotto England Umbro
    Tunisia Lotto Norway Umbro
    Brazil Nike Scotland Umbro

    THE BRAZILIANS: KNIGHT RIDDER's Katherine Ellison reported that Nike's $400M sponsorship of the Brazil national soccer team is "looking like a bad gamble." In addition to "playing poorly," the Brazilian team deal "has embarrassed" Nike off the field as well. The Nike deal has also come under "increasing political pressure, in and outside of Brazil" (KNIGHT RIDDER/S.J. MERCURY NEWS, 6/4).

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