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              Former Dodgers Exec VP Fred Claire will hold a press
         conference in Pasadena today (L.A. DAILY NEWS, 6/24). 
         National reaction to the team's dismissal of Claire and
         manager Bill Russell continues.  In DC, Thomas Boswell
         writes that "it's sad to see the Los Angeles Dodgers getting
         Foxed" (WASHINGTON POST, 6/24).  In L.A., J.A. Adande writes
         "the Fox folks have turned this season into a bad sitcom.
         ... Everything the Dodgers stood for has been erased. ...
         Dodgers fans deserve better.  But baseball doesn't" (L.A.
         TIMES, 6/24).  But Fox Sports Senior VP/Media Relations
         Vince Wladika downplayed the changes to the team since the
         Fox Group acquired the franchise: "We think that anytime you
         have one corporation take over another, there are obviously
         going to be some changes" (AP, 6/23). 
         Michael Hiestand notes that Fox's "Insider" segment on its
         MLB coverage Saturday suggested Rockies manager Don Baylor
         will be fired after the All-Star break but did not mention
         anything about the Dodger firings announced Sunday night. 
         Hiestand: "So is there a problem with Fox's interoffice
         mail?  Conglomerates, after all, long ago made 'synergy'
         their mantra."  Fox Sports Exec Producer Jeff Terenzio
         called covering the net's coverage of the Dodgers "one of
         the most tricky editorial decisions we've faced. ... We'd
         have to be completely accurate" (USA TODAY, 6/24).          
              WHERE ARE THE ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD? The Dodgers are
         drawing nearly 10,000 more fans per game than the Angels,
         and in L.A., Eric Noland wrote it is "a source of some
         bewilderment for the entertainment wizards at Disney.  But
         they were aware when they bought into the Angels they were
         inheriting a boxcar of baggage" (L.A. DAILY NEWS, 6/23).

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              NO KING GEORGE HERE: In K.C., a source close to George
         and Bobby Brett discounted a report in Tuesday's K.C. STAR
         that said the Bretts turned down an offer to join the Lamar
         Hunt-Western Resources bid for the Royals, in part because
         the group wouldn't agree to appoint George Brett the team's
         president and MLB rep: "What's really preposterous is the
         notion that George would want to be the official rep to
         major-league baseball.  Can you imagine George wanting to
         show up at all these league meetings, briefcase in hand,
         wanting to sit next to the George Steinbrenners and the Ted
         Turners and the Jerry Reinsdorfs?" (K.C. STAR, 6/24).  
              BILLS DUE: The Bills "are barely halfway" toward
         reaching their goal of $11M in luxury seat sales, and are
         expressing "disappointment" that Rochester-area businesses
         are standing on the sidelines.  Bills VP/Operations Bill
         Munson and Rochester Chamber of Commerce President Thomas
         Mooney were scheduled to meet with area media yesterday to
         drum up support.  The Bills have until December 1 to reach
         their $11M goal.  So far, they have secured $5.4M "in paid-
         up revenue" (Rochester DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE, 6/23).
              NOTES: Yesterday, the A's drew a season-high 45,169 for
         their interleague game against the Giants (S.F. CHRONICLE,
         6/24).  Both teams, in conjunction with Fox Sports Bay Area
         and JCPenney, will award 30,000 tickets this summer to
         students with perfect attendance (S.F. CHRONICLE, 6/24).
         ...In Chicago, "several dozen bus loads" of Indians fans
         helped the Cubs draw 39,006 on Wednesday.  Cubs 1B Mark
         Grace: "They have kind of a cult following like Deadheads"
         (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 6/24)....In Miami, Marlins fan Jan Bohan
         has set up a program called "Fans for Kids" to distribute
         unused Marlins tickets to children.  Bohan said she grew
         "sick of the negativity" surrounding the team and wanted to
         see kids use the ducats (MIAMI HERALD, 6/24)....In Denver,
         Vicki Michaelis reports that the Clippers "have shifted from
         their earlier stance of making" Mike Bibby the top pick in
         tonight's NBA Draft.  Clippers Owner Donald Sterling met
         with Bibby's agent, David Falk, on Tuesday, and league
         sources said that the meeting "made Sterling more mad than
         anything."  Michaelis: "Falk no doubt reminded Sterling of
         his considerable influence in the NBA" (DENVER POST, 6/24). 

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              The Bucks increased prices for season-ticket holders
         for next season, according to Bob Wolfley of the MILWAUKEE
         JOURNAL SENTINEL.  The increases are from $46 to $54; $41 to
         $47; $31 to $36; $28 to $32, and $1 increases among the $22,
         $19, $14 and $11 price points.  The team decreased ticket
         prices in four sections from $41 to $36.  The Bucks did not
         raise prices last year (JOURNAL SENTINEL, 6/24).

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              Shruti Misra, a Las Vegas resident who has real estate
         holdings in NV, CA and NM, "has offered to purchase the
         Vikings" for $180M, according to Matt Jacob of the LAS VEGAS
         REVIEW-JOURNAL.  A representative for Misra confirmed Monday
         that Misra has submitted the bid.  If Misra buys the team,
         "she will have the option to relocate" it.  According to
         documents obtained by the REVIEW-JOURNAL, Misra would pay
         $50M in cash, with the remaining $130M to be financed
         through a loan provided by U.S. Guarantee Corp.  Misra's
         "net worth is not known" (LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, 6/23). 
              DEAL NOT LIKELY? In Minneapolis, Vikings attorney John
         Mooty said that the team received something from Misra last
         week.  Mooty: "We received a document.  I advised them it
         was not in a form that we could entertain.  As far as I'm
         concerned, we don't have anything that constitutes a bid
         that can be considered by the owners."  Mooty said that he
         advised Misra's reps to revise the document and resubmit it,
         but said he hasn't received a reply (Jerry Zgoda, STAR
         TRIBUNE, 6/24).  Mooty, on Misra's reported $180M offer:
         "[T]he price reported in the Las Vegas newspaper is not in
         conformity with the document we've received.  The bid is not
         adequate.  Secondly, we've indicated a very strong
         preference for someone that's intending to keep the team in
         Minnesota" (Greg Johnson, ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, 6/24).

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              "The odds of the Nets moving to Long Island just might
         have gotten better" after Charles Wang's Long Island-based
         Computer Associates "put in a bid" to purchase the team with
         plans of moving it out of NJ, according to Michael James of
         the N.Y. DAILY NEWS.  A company spokesperson "refused to
         confirm or deny sources' contentions that Computer
         Associates has offered" $150M, but one league source said
         that a "bidding war," which includes Islanders co-Owner
         Howard Milstein -- as well as a consortium of NJ business
         execs intent on moving the team to Newark -- "is brewing." 
         The league source added that the NJ business execs could
         close the deal for $175M if it does so by Tuesday, "which,
         coincidentally, comes just before a possible NBA lockout." 
         Nets officials could not be reached (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 6/24).

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