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              The Goodwill Games, taking place from July 19 to August
         2 in Manhattan and Nassau County, NY, are "about" marketing,
         media, prizes, show business and "promoting Time Warner,"
         according to Harry Berkowitz of NEWSDAY.  With Time Warner
         operating its first Goodwill Games, it "has a lot to prove,"
         including that "there is still justification" for the event
         and that it can draw interest.  It must also "show sponsors
         paying a total" of $50-60M "that they can benefit and not
         get embarrassed by the lack of interest among sports fans or
         overshadowed by the focus on Time Warner units."  The
         company "must" also prove that it can "put on a spectacle
         pulling together an array of corporate resources, talents,
         and hoopla the way Walt Disney Co. does."  In presenting the
         Games, Time Warner said that it is in "full control," which
         is "a key to avoiding past financial and logistical
         problems."  They own the Games and official sponsors can be
         assured that they won't be ambushed by "advertisers who are
         unofficial add-ons or who just pay to run TV spots."  TBS
         will have 45 hours of Games coverage, with HBO handling
         boxing.  Time Warner also bought 10 hours of weekend time on
         CBS and will produce that coverage and sell the ads. 
         Goodwill Games President Mike Plant said the operating
         budget is $100M "hard cash" with $100M in in-kind and
         promotional support.  Sponsors include Canon, Chrysler,
         Citgo, Discover Card, Energizer, Master Lock, Swatch, Sony,
         A-B, Gillette and Johnson & Johnson (NEWSDAY, 6/1).
              GOODWILL HUNTING: NEWSDAY's John Jeansonne reported
         that Warner Syndication is selling the int'l TV broadcast
         rights and Warner's music division is producing the opening
         and closing ceremonies.  Turner networks are providing $17M
         in "free on-air promos," and Time Inc. publications will
         contribute 46 pages of free ads.  The Games will benefit the
         Boys & Girls Club of America and UNICEF (NEWSDAY, 5/31). 
         ...Nassau County may sell naming rights to the recently
         opened Aquatic Center that will host the swimming events. 
         Speedo is reportedly interested (NEWSDAY, 5/31). 

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              Two weeks before the World Cup, the U.S. Soccer
         Federation (USSF) on Friday outlined "an ambitious" $50M
         plan that is "intended to guide" the U.S. to victory in the
         World Cup by 2010, according to Grahame Jones of the L.A.
         TIMES.  The plan, "quickly dubbed the 'Rothenberg
         Initiative,'" will feature an "unprecedented commitment" to
         the development of players in the U.S., "beginning at the
         under-14 level and progressing all the way to the full men's
         and women's national teams."  Included in the program is the
         establishment of a training program at the Bollettieri
         Soccer Academy in FL; the formation of a national scouting
         system to target young talent; and the expansion of the
         joint USSF and MLS Project 40 program, which has players
         turning pro out of high school with USSF and MLS funding the
         players' education (L.A. TIMES, 5/31). In Baltimore, Lowell
         Sunderland said the plan will provide a "broader, richer
         training for teen-age players" (Baltimore SUN, 5/31).
              DRINKING FROM THE CUP: The World Cup is previewed in
         BUSINESS WEEK and the FINANCIAL TIMES.  The event, with a
         projected 37 billion viewers worldwide, has sponsors paying
         as much as $30M to be official global partners.  Official
         partners include Coca-Cola, adidas, Opel, MasterCard, Canon,
         Fuji Film, Gillette, JVC, McDonald's, Philips and M&M
         Mars/Snickers.  But eight companies have paid the French
         Organizing Committee a total of $100M to be "suppliers,"
         including Hewlett-Packard (BUSINESS WEEK, 6/8 issue).  A-B
         is also an official World Cup partner.  A total of 45
         companies are sponsoring the World Cup, paying an estimated
         $456-489M, and for sponsors, the "key" word when it comes to
         the World Cup is "global" (FINANCIAL TIMES, 5/31).
              NOTES: Time Inc. New Media is introducing its "first
         big worldwide on-line project," a Web site devoted to  the
         World Cup.  The site, at, has signed
         Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Royal Philips Electronics and Varig
         Brazilian Airlines.  Time execs "valued the cost of the
         sponsorship for the four advertisers" at $500,000, with
         promotions related to the site (N.Y. TIMES, 6/1)....In St.
         Paul, Tom Powers wrote that the U.S. population is "reacting
         with their usual yawn" over the World Cup (PIONEER PRESS,
         5/31)...U.S. Soccer's Rothenberg said that "realistically"
         he does not expect the U.S. team to advance beyond the first
         round of the event (N.Y. TIMES, 5/31).

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