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              The Univ. of TN (UT) women's basketball team has a
         merchandising campaign, "perhaps unrivaled in women's
         sports," with the tagline "Lady Volunteers, America's Team,"
         according to a report in the Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE. 
         Starter and adidas are among a "handful of companies"
         licensed to sell the "America's Team" merchandise.  UT
         Women's Athletic Dir Joan Cronan, on the new effort: "I
         can't put a dollars and cents figure on it.  But I can tell
         you our goal is to market a product in a very profitable
         way."  TN-based Bacon & Co. has been printing Lady Vols T-
         shirts and memorabilia since the school's first title in
         '87.  Cory Moss, an official with Collegiate Licensing Co.,
         on the rise of UT merchandise: "I think they are becoming
         much more national. ... I can almost guarantee that the
         number has doubled, tripled, maybe even quadrupled from the
         amount of merchandise that those companies were producing a
         year ago."  Next week, 40,000 Smoky mascot dolls wearing
         Lady Vols Championship T-shirts will arrive at TN-based
         Wendy's restaurants (Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE, 4/6). 
              MORE ORANGE: The Collegiate Licensing Co. (CLC)
         announced that Syracuse Univ. is the newest member of its
         consortium of colleges, conferences and bowl games (CLC).

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              MasterCard "is launching what may be the world's most
         widespread consumer sweepstakes promo" this month as it
         "kicks in marketing leverage of its World Cup sponsorship,"
         according to Terry Lefton of BRANDWEEK.  The sweepstakes
         ties in 31 issuers in 21 countries in support of MC's
         Maestro brand debit card, and offers trips to this summer's
         World Cup.  Consumers are entered by using their Maestro
         card.  No U.S. issuers are participating.  MC Senior VP/
         Global Deposit Products Dan Ciporin, on the "logistical
         problems" of a worldwide sweepstakes: "They are enormous,
         but we wanted to drive usage globally with the brand
         awareness we get during World Cup years and this should do
         that" (Terry Lefton, BRANDWEEK, 4/6 issue).  
              HORSIN' AROUND: Lefton also reports that Visa, in the
         third year of its five-year sponsorship of horse racing's
         Triple Crown, is "stepping up marketing" of the three big
         races.  In addition to a new TV spot, "again emphasizing
         that the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes don't
         take American Express," Visa will "flank its media with a
         raft" of promos.  A national "Run For The Roses" sweepstakes
         enters consumers using Visa cards from now through June 8 in
         a sweeps offering trips to the various Triple Crown races as
         prizes.  Support is through statement inserts and POP. 
         Visa, following the "rose" theme, is teaming with FTD to
         offer consumers discounts when using Visa to order via its
         toll-free number. Visa is also sponsoring a travelling
         historical display highlighting the 25th anniversary of
         Secretariat's Triple Crown win.  A "Go to the Races" sweeps
         with NationsBank and US Airways ties to the airline's co-
         branded Visa card and mileage program (BRANDWEEK, 4/6). 

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              Munsingwear, makers of knit golf shirts with the
         penguin logo, "is scoring big" with a revamped line of
         shirts.  Rapper Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs wears the shirts in
         his video "Mo Money Mo Problemz," though he isn't paid to
         endorse them.  BUSINESS WEEK's Christina Scott writes that
         Munsingwear "also benefits from the golf craze among African
         Americans spurred by Tiger Woods."  One print ad shows a
         black golfer with the tagline "The best golfers wear the
         penguin until they are paid not to."  Woods wore Munsingwear
         before signing with Nike.  The company estimates that only
         30% of its shirts are worn by golfers (BUSINESS WEEK, 4/13).
         ...The "Fila Hill on Wheels Tour," consisting of two Grant
         Hill-customized GMC Suburbans offering basketball-themed
         events for consumer participation, is on the road. 
         Scheduled stops include the Boston Marathon, the Kentucky
         Derby, the Indy 500 and NBA playoff games across the
         country. The tour will go on through September (Fila).
              AD NOTES: NY-based Cliff Freeman & Partners said it has
         been named the new agency for the Fox Sports Network (N.Y.
         TIMES, 4/7)....Fila assigned project work to Baltimore-based
         W.B. Doner for its next two shoe launches featuring Chris
         Webber and Nikki McCray.  Fila VP/Advertising &
         Communications Howe Burch is a former Doner exec (ADWEEK,
         4/6 issue)....A new Nike commercial featuring Kevin Garnett,
         which includes 250 "extras" for filming in arena seats,
         "could cost the apparel firm $500,000" (PIONEER PRESS, 4/7).

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              NBC is "rapidly filling" ad space for its new NBA
         contract, which begins next season, according to Wayne
         Friedman of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.  Agency execs told
         Friedman that GM, Nissan, Chrysler and Prudential have
         signed on, joining Honda, which previously signed a
         multiyear deal with NBC.  Sources said that NBC "has been
         receiving close to its asking price for the new sponsorships
         -- 50% more than sponsorship values under the current
         contract."  Friedman reports that NBC "is seeking nearly"
         $90M for a four-year automotive sponsorship, compared with
         the $55-60M it got from each of its current auto sponsors. 
         The "good news" for advertisers is that NBC is adding more
         regular-season games next year, so ad rates per game "will
         rise only 10%-15%."  Prudential "will repeat its advertising
         arrangement with NBC," which includes sponsorship of the
         net's NBA halftime show (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, 4/7).

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              Reebok's "Off The Clock," a five-minute video of Allen
         Iverson at home with his family and friends, is being sent
         to 100,000 consumers nationwide in conjunction with
         tomorrow's release of Iverson's DMX shoe, the Answer, which
         will be available in a new navy blue colorway (Reebok).
              HOTTER THAN EVER: The Heat, a MA-based ad agency owned
         by Heater Advertising, which handles Reebok's basketball
         shoe account and produced the Iverson video, was profiled by
         Chris Reidy in Sunday's BOSTON GLOBE.  Heater President
         Steve Giuggio: "It's like ESPN and ESPN2.  The Heat is
         ESPN2, the edgier younger brother."  Reebok VP/Global
         Marketing Brenda Goodell, on why the account went to The
         Heat from Leo Burnett: "We wanted innovations.  We wanted
         authenticity and generational relevance."  Khari Streeter,
         co-founder of The Heat, on criticism that their Reebok ads
         are "technical" and lack "an emotional plea" to buy the
         brand: "If you treat kids blatantly, they shoot you down.
         ... You need more than an emotional plea of you're asking
         someone to spend more than $100 on something that's
         basically rubber and leather" (BOSTON GLOBE, 4/5).

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