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          In honor of what was potentially his last game at MSG,
     Michael Jordan wore his original Air Jordans during the
     Bulls-Knicks game Sunday on NBC.  The shoes were visible
     throughout the telecast and received mention before tipoff
     and in the first, second and fourth quarters as well as at
     halftime.  In the first quarter, after a Jordan jumper,
     NBC's Isiah Thomas said, "It must be the shoes."   In the
     second-quarter, NBC's Ahmad Rashad reported that the
     original Air Jordans were size 12 1/2, but Jordan now is a
     13 1/2.  Jordan had a pair of the '97-98 Air Jordans (shown
     on camera) in case he needed them.  In the fourth quarter,
     NBC showed a close-up of the old Air Jordans being worn by
     Michael.  Jordan, after the game: "My feet are killing me,
     but it was fun, though.  It was fun" ("NBA on NBC," 3/8).  
          MORE FUN: The N.Y. DAILY NEWS' back page features the
     old Air Jordans under the header, "Really Big Shoe -- Jordan
     rips Knicks in rookie sneakers .. for old time's sake." 
     Mike Lupica, on the original Nike Air Jordans: "They will
     probably put them back on the market tomorrow.  He has not
     just been the greatest player of all time.  He has also been
     the greatest marketing agent" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 3/9).  Bulls
     G Steve Kerr: "I was betting guys he'd take them off at some
     point.  Then he hit his first four shots."  More Kerr: "I
     thought, 'Is he nuts?'  Did you see those things?  They
     looked like pieces of cardboard put together.  It's amazing
     how far the shoe industry has come" (NEWSDAY, 3/9).    
          BULLS' BIG BEEF: The "Beef Wennington" sandwich at
     Chicago-area McDonald's has made Bulls C Bill Wennington the
     team's "burger king," according to Elliott Harris of the
     CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.  The sandwich is a 1/4 lb. hamburger with
     cheese, bacon, pickles, onions, mustard and BBQ sauce.
     Wennington: "I thought about adding tomato and lettuce to it
     but opted against it. ... I just think the burger was good
     as it was.  Marketing-wise, a lot of people don't like
     tomatoes.  I do like tomatoes, but I felt it would take away
     from the flavor of the barbecue sauce" (SUN-TIMES, 3/8).

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