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          In his first in-depth interview since being suspended
     from the NBA for choking Warriors coach PJ Carlesimo,
     Latrell Sprewell spoke with CBS's Lesley Stahl on "60
     Minutes."  Sprewell was the only participant involved in the
     hearings interviewed for the "60 Minutes" segment. 
          HIS TAKE: Sprewell: "I wasn't choking PJ.  PJ, he could
     breathe.  It's not like he was losing air or anything like
     that.  I mean, it wasn't a choke, I wasn't trying to kill
     PJ."  Sprewell, asked if he would have stopped attacking
     Carlesimo if his teammates hadn't intervened: "But no one
     had been there yet, so it's not like I was going to sit
     there and kill the man, no.  No, I would have stopped." 
     Sprewell, on the lack of respect from Carlesimo: "You don't
     talk to people the way that PJ talked to me."  Sprewell said
     when he came back to the gym the second time after being
     thrown out of practice, as he got near Carlesimo, players
     tried to keep him from getting any closer: "I think when
     that happened, I just started swinging my arms just to get
     free from those guys.  This is where they say PJ was punched
     or something.  I know that I didn't intentionally go out
     there to hit PJ."  Sprewell, asked if he needs counseling:
     "No, I don't feel I need counseling."  Sprewell, asked if he
     "got away" with attacking Carlesimo: "I attacked him, but I
     don't know about getting away with it.  [It] cost $6.5
     million and 68 games, that's the highest suspension in any
     sport that's not drug related.  I mean, that's, to me, I
     mean, that's not getting away with anything" (CBS, 3/8).
          MORE SPREE: David Aldridge interviewed Sprewell for
     ESPN's "Sunday Conversation."  Sprewell, on where he would
     like to play if he had a choice: "If I could go anywhere
     today, if I had like one pick, I would be in DC."  On how he
     demonstrates to NBA Commissioner David Stern that he can
     control his temper: "Stern and I, we've never really talked. 
     At the hearings I saw him, but he really never really got to
     talk to me.  I was basically listening to what he was
     saying.  So there was no real dialogue between us."  On if
     Stern might have misjudged him based on what he saw and
     read: "No doubt, because he knows nothing about me."  On
     learning from the incident: "You know, I think the coaches,
     too, can learn a lesson here: that they really need to have
     an understanding of the player, and they really need to
     watch how they talk and treat players.  Because we're not
     kids, you know, we're men" ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 3/8).  On
     CNN/SI, Sprewell told Fred Hickman: "[W]hen people just say
     I got away with it. ... I have lost my Converse deal, I have
     lost $6.5 million ... And not to mention my image.  People
     think that I am like the worst person in the world right
     now, and that's why I am here right now trying to change
     some of that" (CNN/SI, 3/8).  Sprewell was also interviewed
     this morning on ABC's "GMA" by Lisa McRee and will be a
     guest tonight on ESPN's "Up Close" (THE DAILY).  

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