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          On Sunday's "NBA on NBC," Hannah Storm led a round-
     table discussion on the Sprewell ruling.  NBC's Bob Costas:
     "I think the way that this has been framed has been largely
     misleading. ... It's inaccurate to say that this shows you
     can strangle your coach and get away with it.  How did he
     get away with it?  ... Even though the league did not get
     everything it wanted, a large portion of some very severe
     discipline was upheld and this now establishes a benchmark
     to work from for David Stern."  Costas added, "If the league
     had not gone relatively easy on the Dennis Rodmans and the
     Nick Van Exels ... there would have been more precedent to
     make this kind of judgement stand" ("NBA on NBC," 3/8). 
          OWNERS UNITED? In Denver, Mike Monroe wrote the "irony"
     in the NBPA claiming victory in the Sprewell ruling is the
     "increased likelihood of ownership solidarity" to reopen the
     CBA (DENVER POST, 3/8).  In Chicago, Sam Smith wrote that
     owners "are feeling an even greater loss of power from this
     decision and from the actions of several players who forced
     trades and then refused to report to their new teams"
     (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 3/8).  In Boston, Peter May reported that
     the NBA Board of Governors is scheduled to meet March 23 in
     Dallas and "expects to vote" on whether to reopen the CBA. 
     Celtics Chair Paul Gaston is reportedly one of a "handful"
     of owners "opposed to reopening," but May wrote that Stern
     "wants the agreement reopened," and has a "key ally" in Cavs
     Owner Gordon Gund, "in charge of an important committee, and
     thus will probably get his way" (BOSTON GLOBE, 3/8). 
          SPREWELL NOTES: In Chicago, Lacy Banks wrote "insiders"
     say that Stern "probably" will replace Feerick as the league
     arbitrator (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 3/8)....In San Jose, Jesse
     Barkin listed selected excerpts from testimony taken at the
     Sprewell hearings (MERCURY NEWS, 3/8)....Suns Chair Jerry
     Colangelo, asked if he'd be interested in Sprewell: "I'm not
     interested in taking on any situation, regardless of the
     talent level, where there are some real questions about
     whether that individual has his life under control.  Life is
     too short for that" (ARIZONA REPUBLIC, 3/7).  In Detroit,
     Terry Foster wrote, "Sprewell is enticing.  He is tempting. 
     But so is the devil" (DETROIT NEWS, 3/8)

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