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          The NBA's rookie wage scale was examined by Bryan
     Burwell on "Inside the NBA."  He said the system "that
     management and even some star players wanted so desperately
     three years ago ... no longer looks like such a great idea." 
     Burwell: "Yet in reality, is it the system that's causing so
     many problems or just this particularly poor 1995 draft
     class?"  The first ten picks of the '95 draft have produced
     only one All-Star, the worst ratio of any draft from '92-95. 
     Burwell: "But as one general manager told me, 'If you leave
     this one alone it might just correct itself.'  Yet just
     about everyone else -- players, agents and management --
     believes they won't leave well enough alone, and the rookie
     contract system will be one of the major battlegrounds in
     this summer's labor wars" ("Inside the NBA," TNT, 2/27).
          NOTES: FAME's David Falk, on possible NBA action toward
     players who refuse to accept trade assignments: "I don't
     know what else they can do.  If a guy says, 'If I had to
     play somewhere I'd retire instead,' and he's sincere about
     it and willing to follow through, I don't know what you can
     legislate to force him to do that.  You can't have specific
     enforcement of a personal services contract.  A guy doesn't
     have to play" (WASHINGTON POST, 2/28)....Pacers Coach Larry
     Bird answered questions for an MTV crew Thursday.  Afterward
     he said, "I don't like MTV.  Our league is going MTV and
     that's what's wrong with it" (INDIANAPOLIS STAR-NEWS, 3/1).

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