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              Gatorade will debut a remake of the '91 "Be Like Mike"
         spot during TNT's coverage of Saturday's All-Star events. 
         The new ad, created by FCB, Chicago, stars Michael Jordan,
         and features appearances by Sheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie, Mia
         Hamm, Chris Berman, Ahmad Rashad, Ernie Banks, Bugs Bunny,
         Marvin the Martian and Larry Bird.  The music for the spot
         comes from R&B group Take Six and Blues Traveler's John
         Popper.  All of the guest stars sing the "Be Like Mike"
         song, with the exception of Bird, who refuses (Gatorade). 
              ALL-STAR CAST: In Chicago, George Lazarus: "With such
         an array [of people in the spot], is Jordan's value to
         Gatorade being diluted?  Gosh, this commercial sounds like a
         lift from Barnum & Bailey."  Lazarus also puts the price of
         the ad at "upward of $750,000 and perhaps as much as" $1M
         (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 2/5).  The spot will run through the
         summer.  Gatorade VP/Marketing Sue Wellington, on bringing
         back the campaign: "People have been asking about it since
         1992.  It really became a part of the pop culture"
         (AP/CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 2/4).  On "Access Hollywood," Pat
         O'Brien called the campaign Gatorade's "most popular
         commercial ever."  O'Brien: "Jordan is proving that classics
         never go out of style" ("Access Hollywood," 2/4).      
              HAD HIS PHIL? In Chicago, Lazarus also reports that
         Gatorade approached Phil Jackson about singing in the new
         spot, but Jackson "turned them down, just as he recently did
         Nike," which sought him for a spot (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 2/6).

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              adidas debuted new TV spots featuring Kobe Bryant and
         Antoine Walker this week.  Bryant's spot, titled "Thank
         You," has him thanking fans for voting him to the All-Star
         Game.  In his spot, "The Agent," Walker's voice is heard on
         his answering machine saying he is at practice, while his
         agent leaves multiple messages.  The spots will run
         regionally in N.Y., L.A. and Boston, and nationally on
         select NBA telecasts (adidas)...In L.A., Mark Heisler
         profiles the Lakers' Bryant under the header, "The Kid's Got
         It!"  Heisler: "Youth sells these days, and who's younger or
         more salable than Bryant?" (L.A. TIMES, 2/6)....The Hornets'
         Glen Rice will appear at Macy's Nautica Competition Shop
         Saturday at 2:00pm ET.  Macy's ran a full-page ad touting
         the appearance (N.Y. TIMES, 2/5)....Cynthia Cooper of the
         WNBA's Comets has signed with NJ-based ISI for marketing
         representation, and will retain deals with GM, Nike and
         Houston's Methodist Hospital (ISI).

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              A day after Reebok announced a 10% staff cut, Nike is
         "re-evaluating its spending as well," according to Jeff
         Manning of the OREGONIAN.  Nike "instituted a hiring freeze
         in late January and is analyzing all department budgets in
         an effort to cut costs" (Portland OREGONIAN, 2/6).
              REEBOK'S PLAN: In Boston, Chris Reidy examines Reebok's
         restructuring.  Reebok Dir of PR Dave Fogelson said that it
         could be the end of March before the company "details
         exactly where and when its announced cuts will occur"
         (BOSTON GLOBE, 2/6).  On "The Edge," CNBC's Sue Herera
         reported that Reebok's "restructuring plan will affect every
         arm of the company except sales" ("The Edge," CNBC, 2/5).

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              Schick will use Spurs rookie Tim Duncan "as its
         standard-bearer" during All-Star Weekend, and "will open a
         new front in its battle with Gillette" by introducing a new
         razor called "The Protector," according to Jane Levere of
         the N.Y. TIMES.  Schick, a division of CT-based Warner-
         Lambert, will begin its "largest advertising program ever"
         during the NBA All-Star Weekend, including a 30-second spot
         featuring Duncan airing on TNT during Saturday night's
         Rookie Game.  NBA officials said that this "was the first
         time" a sponsor had introduced a product during the Rookie
         Game.  Schick said it decided to introduce its new razor
         during All-Star Weekend because the NBA's demos "enable"
         them to "reach men 18 to 34."  Duncan's spot will air
         "approximately 75 times" through February 15 on TNT, NBC,
         ESPN, TBS and MTV.  The campaign will involve additional TV,
         print and online advertising (N.Y. TIMES, 2/5). 
              SHOOT OUT: Duncan and Nets rookie Keith Van Horn will
         go head-to-head in the Schick "Protector Face-to-Face
         Celebrity Challenge" at the NBA Jam Session.  Spike Lee will
         coach Van Horn and Antonio Sabato, Jr. will instruct Duncan. 
         The winner of the shootout will shave the face of the losing
         celebrity coach, and Schick will donate $10,000 to the
         National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (Schick).  

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              THE DAILY lists the shoes worn by the NBA's All-Stars:
    Anfernee Hardaway Nike Vin Baker Nike
    Tim Hardaway Nike Tim Duncan Nike
    Michael Jordan Nike Kevin Garnet Nike
    Reggie Miller Nike Eddie Jones Nike
    Dikembe Mutombo Nike Jason Kidd Nike
    Rik Smits Nike Gary Payton Nike
    Shawn Kemp Reebok Mitch Richmond Nike
    Steve Smith Reebok David Robinson Nike
    Grant Hill Fila Shaquille O'Neal Reebok
    Jayson Williams Fila Nick Van Exel Reebok
    Antoine Walker adidas Kobe Bryant adidas
    Glen Rice Nautica Karl Malone Apex

    NBA SHOE DIARIES: THE DAILY recorded the shoes worn by NBA players as of team rosters from December 1, '97. Nike provides sneakers for 262 players, or 65% of the league, followed by Reebok with 19% of the league's players; Converse 4%; adidas 3%; Fila 3%; And 1 2%; Apex 1%; Karl Kani 1%; Asics 1%; Nautica 1%; and Spalding 1%.

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              "Welcome to David Stern's $10 million four-day NBA
         corporate schmooze fest ... Better known as the All-Star
         Game weekend," wrote Richard Wilner of the N.Y. POST.
         Wilner: "Against a backdrop of showcasing basketball's best
         talent, Stern's marketing juggernaut will begin today to use
         New York City as its own corporate park as the NBA wines,
         dines and entertains more than 4,000 corporate executives
         from two dozen companies."  Wilner wrote that the NBA Jam
         Session at the Javits Center will attract more than 100,000
         fans paying between $8-$15 to enter.  The event is backed by
         sponsors, including Fleer, Nestle, Nike, IBM and AT&T.  Foot
         Locker is also setting up a 13,000-square-foot out-post, for
         30 hours of business at the Jam Session where it will sell
         NBA/NBC merchandise, Starter hats and Spalding basketballs
         (N.Y. POST, 2/5).  Estimates have All-Star Weekend providing
         a $52M economic boost to New York City (N.Y. DAILY NEWS,
         2/6).  CNBC's Barbara Monaco examined corporate involvement
         during the Weekend and noted Sony, which has presence at the
         Jam Session.  Sony Business Planning Manager Thom Casadonte
         said the benefits of being at Jam Session with over 150,000
         attendees gives the company a unique chance "to demonstrate
         our product."  Casadonte: "It gives you a whole new arena to
         be in."  CNBC's Monaco: "The NBA says it may not make money
         this weekend, but the business relationships and
         partnerships it's established with businesses will pay off
         throughout the year" ("Market Wrap," CNBC, 2/5).
              JAMMED-PACKED: Tickets for the Saturday morning session
         of the Jam Session are sold out.  Tickets remain only for
         Friday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday sessions (NBA).  NY
         Mayor Rudy Giuliani yesterday "rattled home a shot to kick
         off" the NBA Jam Session, "which guaranteed him a $100,000
         donation for New York City schools" (N.Y. TIMES, 2/6).  
              GRANTING EXPOSURE: Grant Hill appeared on the NBC's
         "Today" show this morning touting Sprite's promo of a free
         throw shooting contest in which spectators were given the
         chance to win All-Star tickets.  Hill held a bottle of
         Sprite as he greeted the winners (NBC, 2/6).  Saul Holcman,
         who will attempt the Sony Million Dollar Shot on Saturday
         Night, was interviewed on "GMA" this morning.  He appeared
         with Muggsy Bogues from the Reebok Sports Club (ABC, 2/6).

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