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              The '99 FIFA Women's World Cup named IOC VP ANITA
         DEFRANTZ to the Women's World Cup Board of Directors
         (Women's World Cup)....WRIGHT WALTERS resigned as Southern
         Conference Commissioner.  He has headed the conference for
         the past six-and-a-half years (NEWS & RECORD, 1/8).
         ...MICHAEL CRAWFORD will handle Marketing & PR for the
         Kelley Racing team for the '98 IRL season (Kelley Racing). 

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              Lions LB REGGIE BROWN, almost paralyzed last month in a
         game against the Jets, gives his first in-depth interview on
         Sunday's "Dateline NBC" (N.Y. POST, 1/9)....Cavs Owner
         GORDON GUND is profiled by LEIGH MONTVILLE in SI.  Cavs
         legal counsel RICHARD WATSON, on Gund: "He's a hero every
         day.  You know why he's a hero?  Because he doesn't have to
         be a hero.  He doesn't have to do everything he does to feed
         his family and educate his children.  He could stay home and
         have someone read books to him every day.  He does all this
         because he wants to do it" (SI, 1/12)....DEAN SCHOENEWALD,
         who runs TN-based Mascot Mania, has signed with the William
         Morris Agency to develop a sitcom and a movie based on
         mascot school (SI, 1/12)....WPVA pro LIZ MASAKAYAN presented
         a motivational speech and conducted a volleyball clinic for
         approximately 200 middle and high school students yesterday
         at Hempstead H.S. on Long Island, N.Y., as part of the "Meet
         a Champion" youth sports clinic program developed by CIBC
         Oppenheimer Corp. and the Women's Sports Foundation (WPVA).

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              "Firestorm," the Twentieth Century Fox release starring
         HOWIE LONG in his first leading role, opens nationally
         today.  The film has generally received poor reviews and
         reaction to Long's performance is decidedly mixed.
              THE GOOD: In Boston, Jay Carr writes Long "has as good
         a chance as anybody to step into" the post-Schwarzenegger
         and Stallone action gap.  Long is "in great shape, never
         lets a lot of acting get in the way, and projects a cartoony
         nice-guy quality.  In short, a highly likable and salable
         package" (BOSTON GLOBE, 1/9).  In Dallas, Jane Sumner writes
         that Long "won't win any acting awards, but the affable hunk
         is appealing -- like an old fashioned serial hero" (DALLAS
         MORNING NEWS, 1/9).  In Hollywood, David Hunter writes Long
         "deserves more" than "Firestorm," as he is "in command" but
         there is no story "to ignite his charisma" (HOLLYWOOD
         REPORTER, 1/9).  In L.A., Kevin Thomas calls Long "engaging"
         (L.A. TIMES, 1/9).  In Providence, Michael Janusonis writes
         "[w]ith better material Long could fulfill the destiny that
         20th Century Fox has mapped out for him as America's next
         action hero, a replacement" for the "aging" Schwarzenegger
         and Stallone (PROVIDENCE JOURNAL BULLETIN, 1/9).
              THE MIXED: USA TODAY's Susan Wiloszczyna writes Long is
         "being honed as a good-guy leading man. ... Now if he ever
         developed a solid screen persona, he might really be
         something" (USA TODAY, 1/9).  Header over TAMPA TRIBUNE
         review: "Long Fits Role, But Acting Limited" (1/9).
              THE UGLY: In Hartford, Malcolm Johnson writes Long
         "delivers a deadly reading that cannot even be described as
         a performance. ... When Long opens his mouth, 'Firestorm'
         comes to a thudding halt" (HARTFORD COURANT, 1/9).  In N.Y.,
         Stephen Holden writes that while Long has the "steroid-
         buffed look of an action hero ... his expressionless face
         and monotone delivery make even [Schwarzenegger] at his most
         robotic seem like a hypersensitive crybaby" (N.Y. TIMES,
         1/9).  Also in N.Y., Michael Medved calls Long's performance
         "puerile," adding Long "muddies and muddles even those rare
         sequences that have begun to generate some cinematic
         momentum" (N.Y. POST, 1/9).  In Washington, Stephen Hunter
         writes Long is "amiable enough" but that he's "almost a
         complete zero as a screen presence" (WASHINGTON POST, 1/9). 
         In Minnesota, Jeff Strickler writes Long gives a "C-plus
         performance in a C-plus movie" (STAR TRIBUNE, 1/9).  

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