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              SELIG CLOSE TO PINNACLE? USA TODAY's Hal Bodley reports
         that a "move to draft Bud Selig as permanent commissioner is
         gaining so much momentum among baseball's owners that the
         word interim could be removed from his title as early" as
         the March quarterly meetings in FL.  Bodley reports that the
         votes for the necessary three-quarters support in the NL
         "are there now."  Bodley adds that the Yankees and adidas
         "are attempting to settle their suit" against MLB.  One
         possible settlement is to have adidas outfit "at least" six
         teams as an official MLB sponsor (USA TODAY, 1/9).
              NHLPA: In Toronto, David Shoalts examines the NHLPA
         after the plea bargain of NHLPA Founder Alan Eagleson to
         charges of fraud and theft.  Taking over for Eagleson in
         '91, NHLPA Exec Dir Bob Goodenow put in place "an accounting
         system to ensure that the union never again fell victim to a
         leader who had free reign to loot its treasury."  NHLPA
         President Mike Gartner: "Literally every dollar in and out
         of the association is accounted for" (GLOBE & MAIL, 1/9).

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              NBA fans "will not be able to purchase a ticket for
         either" the NBA All-Star Game or All-Star Saturday at MSG
         this February, according to Bob Raissman of the N.Y. DAILY
         NEWS, who examines the "lack of ticket availability" around
         the event.  NBA VP/Communications Brian McIntyre: "Would we
         like to open it up to everybody?  Yeah.  But there isn't a
         building in the world that can accommodate the (ticket)
         requests we have.  The demand for tickets this year is
         outrageous."  Raissman reports that "roughly" 5,500 to 6,000 
         of the 19,763 seats available at MSG were part of a lottery
         for Knicks season-ticket holders (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 1/9).
              MISSING OUT ON THE FUN: In SI, Jackie MacMullan reports
         that the league's move to replace the Slam Dunk competition
         with the 2ball shooting contest during the All-Star Weekend
         was "made without checking with" the NBPA.  The move to
         2ball, which includes an NBA and WNBA player from the same
         city, "didn't sit well with some of the players who do not
         have WNBA franchises in their cities and were therefore
         automatically disqualified from participating" (SI, 1/12).
              IT'S SOUTH PARK: ESPN's "SportsCenter" listed
         attendance at four Wednesday night NBA games.  In L.A., the
         Clippers game drew 4,107 (at 26% cap.); in Oakland, the
         Warriors drew 11,023 (57% cap.); in Toronto, the Raptors
         drew 15,168 (75% cap); and in San Antonio, the Spurs drew
         15,200 (74% cap.).  ESPN's Gary Miller: "For the sixth time
         in 16 home dates, the [Clippers] crowd was less than 6,000
         ... They are drawing extremely poorly" (ESPN, 1/8).
              ELIGIBILITY CHALLENGE? In N.Y., Garcia & Ackert report
         that the family of Riverdale High School women's basketball
         star Niesha Butler, 17, "is seriously considering
         challenging the criteria for eligibility" to the WNBA.  WNBA
         rules state a player must be at least 22-years-old; or have
         completed college eligibility; or graduated from a four-year
         college; or played two seasons in another league.  Butler's
         mother, Alice Johnson: "We are not trying to upset the WNBA. 
         But, if it were to be challenged it would be a good case,
         because of the double standard between males and females. It
         warrants looking at."  The WNBA had no comment.  Butler is
         reportedly "less interested" in the ABL (DAILY NEWS, 1/9). 

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              The Corel WTA Tour is "expected to introduce" Bart
         McGuire, an OR-based attorney who has been the "tour's
         business and legal adviser for the past decade," as its new
         CEO on Monday, according to Robin Finn of the N.Y. TIMES. 
         McGuire, a graduate from Princeton and Columbia Law School,
         is a legal professor at Northwestern Law School in Portland. 
         Finn reports that the 54-year-old "had not been an active
         candidate during the WTA Tour's yearlong search to replace
         Anne Person Worcester" (Robin Finn, N.Y. TIMES, 1/9). 

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              Giants GM George Young was named the NFL's Senior
         VP/Football Operations.  Young, who will report directly to
         Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, will handle the NFL's relations
         with college football, the World League in Europe and youth
         football.  He will also serve as league office liaison with
         the NFL Competition Committee and be responsible for
         proposing an annual agenda of priorities for the committee. 
         Young will also oversee the league's officiating process. 
         He begins working at the NFL offices on February 2 (NFL).
              SAYS IT STRAIGHT: Young, after 19 seasons as the Giants
         GM, will be succeeded by Assistant GM Ernie Accorsi.  Young:
         "I have things that concern me about the game in the area of
         sportsmanship and taunting" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/9).

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