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              Overnight ratings from Nielsen Media Research indicate
         the Orange Bowl received an 11.4/19 for CBS on Friday, while
         the Rose Bowl earned a 19.0/33 for ABC on New Year's Day,
         according to Stephen Battaglio of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. 
         The Orange Bowl rating, even if it is "bumped up" in final
         national ratings, "will be significantly below last year's
         championship game," the Sugar Bowl, which received a 17.9/29
         for ABC.  ABC's Rose Bowl rating was up 4% from '97.  In
         other New Year's Day bowl ratings, ABC received a 9.7/19 for
         the Citrus Bowl, up 17%, and an 11.7/19 for the Sugar Bowl,
         up 22% from last year's comparable game, the Fiesta Bowl. 
         CBS' Cotton Bowl was up 10% from '97, earning a 6.9/14
         (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, 1/5).  In DC, John Carmody writes the
         Orange Bowl game "easily won a rare Friday night first place
         for CBS."  He also adds that ABC's Sugar Bowl gave the net a
         win on Thursday night (WASHINGTON POST, 1/5).     
         Frank DeFord wrote that the "bowls have started to run into
         a little problem.  That is: Nobody much wants to go watch
         them. ... all the attention around New Year's now is devoted
         to the NFL playoffs" (ESPN SportsZone, 1/3).

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              ROSE BOWL REVIEWS: In DC, Leonard Shapiro wrote on
         ABC's telecast of the Rose Bowl and said he "loved ABCs
         cablecam, a remote-controlled eye in the low sky that moved
         up and down the sideline to provide panoramic replays from a
         much closer angle than usual" (WASHINGTON POST, 1/3).  But
         in N.Y., Richard Sandomir wrote that CableCam "isn't very
         revealing on a football field when action goes north-south
         and east-west, and it didn't reveal much more about play
         development than the standard high-angle camera does" (N.Y.
         TIMES, 1/2).  In Toronto, Rob Longley called ABC's telecast
         of the Rose Bowl a "shining light both in terms of
         excitement and production" (TORONTO SUN, 1/5).
              OTHER NOTES: In N.Y., Mary Huhn wrote that ESPN
         magazine is one of the two "biggest bets in publishing for
         1998."  ESPN Senior VP/GM John Skipper "plans on doubling
         its initial guaranteed circulation of 350,000" (N.Y. POST,
         1/2)....HBO received a 10.1 cable rating for its boxing card
         featuring Prince Naseem Hamed vs. Kevin Kelley, "well above"
         its 8.5 average boxing rating (N.Y. TIMES, 12/26).

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              The Heat have linked with Silver King Broadcasting, new
         to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market, on a five-year, over-
         the-air TV deal.  Silver King's new CityVision format will
         launch on WYHS this spring, and will feature sports, news
         and other entertainment programming.  The new partnership,
         starting next season, will include expanded pre- and post-
         game shows, Heat highlight programming and other promotional
         opportunities.  Silver King is a division of Barry Diller's
         HSN, and WYHS is the first station to launch its new
         programming format.  The Heat also announced a five-year
         agreement that will keep its games on Sunshine Network,
         which has held its rights since '91-92 (Heat).  
              DETAILS: Heat Exec VP Mike McCullough said that Silver
         King "offered more ways to promote the team" than WBFS-UPN,
         the team's over-the-air home for five years.  Silver King
         said that game days will be touted as "Heat Day on its
         station."  Sunshine and Silver King are each "expected to
         show 30 to 40 games," and will use a joint production team
         "to promote continuity" (SUN-SENTINEL, 12/24).  
              MORE SPORTS: Silver King Exec VP Adam Ware: "Several
         (sports) organizations have shown interest in our
         programming concept. ... We are the new player in local
         sports rights."  Ware said that Silver King, which owns 11
         stations in 10 markets, "is offering a lot more to teams"
         than regular affils.  While NBA restrictions on national
         distribution will "probably prevent" games from airing on
         Diller's USA Network, Ware said that they "may use the Heat
         as the basis for other programming that would eventually air
         on other Silver King stations and USA."  Ware: "We could
         develop a show with Pat Riley that would be filmed in Miami
         and there's no reason that couldn't be syndicated by
         Universal or put on USA" (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, 12/30).
              BIG TIME: Diller's media empire is profiled by Phyllis
         Furman in the N.Y. DAILY NEWS: "Diller is the No. 1 media
         mogul to watch this year as he tries to scratch his way back
         to the top of the media business" (DAILY NEWS, 1/5).

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