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              George Brett's interest in the Royals is "teetering"
         but that "shouldn't be interpreted as throwing in the towel. 
         Not yet," according to Jeffrey Flanagan of the K.C. STAR. 
         Brett: "Two years ago, trying to buy the Royals was very
         appealing.  Very appealing.  But now?  I don't know.  Let's
         just say it is less appealing than it was.  Am I interested? 
         Yes.  As interested as I was?  No."  If Brett's group is to
         become "a serious contender to buy the club, Brett said it
         would need a big-time investor" such as Gateway 2000 Founder
         Ted Waitt, who is among those included in his potential
         ownership group.  However, Brett has not spoken to Waitt or
         anyone else from his ownership group for "some time" (K.C.
         STAR, 10/1).  In other news, the Royals increased ticket
         prices $1 across the board, their first increase in five
         years.  Tickets are now $6-15. The team also created a new
         ticket category, youth general admission, which sells for $3
         a ticket to fans 14 and younger.  Parking also increased $1,
         up to $6 a game (Dick Kaegel, K.C. STAR, 10/1).

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              NFL Oilers Owner Bud Adams said he's "under no pressure
         from the NFL or Nashville officials" to break his two-year
         lease in Memphis and move to Nashville, according to Thomas
         Harding of the Memphis COMMERCIAL APPEAL.  Adams: "I said I
         want to play there for two years, and that's what we intend
         to do.  But I can't go broke doing it. ... We're planning on
         being there unless everything falls completely apart.  I
         can't see that happening."  NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue
         has reportedly spoken with Nashville Mayor Phil Bredesen,
         but NFL VP/Communications Joe Browne said Tagliabue "merely
         wanted Bredesen's thoughts on the Memphis situation." 
         Bredesen said he knows of "no substantive discussions" about
         the Oilers leaving Memphis early (COMMERCIAL APPEAL, 10/1). 
              LUV THE GOV?  TN Gov. Don Sundquist said he thinks the
         Oilers "ought to change their names and do a better job of
         marketing the team in Memphis, but also believes the city is
         'making a mistake' in not supporting the team."  Sundquist:
         "I think Memphis is making a mistake -- whether they (the
         Oilers) do marketing or don't do marketing -- in not
         supporting the team" (Memphis COMMERCIAL APPEAL, 10/1).

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              Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner told N.Y. radio
         station WCBS-AM yesterday that "he might diminish his role"
         as team owner if they win the World Series: "I think that
         might be the time to think about a lot less involvement. 
         I'm thinking of less involvement every day" (AP, 10/1).
         ...MLS Commissioner Doug Logan, on the Dallas Burn, whose
         attendance dipped 40% this year, the biggest drop in the
         league: "I can offer iron-clad assurances that Dallas will
         be part of this league for as far as the eye can see.  MLS
         soccer will work in Dallas" (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 10/1).
         ...The AFL will expand to Buffalo for the '99 season.  The
         franchise will be headed up by Mark Hamister, Chair & CEO of
         Buffalo Sports Enterprise, who will be the owner of the AFL
         team and sit on the AFL Board of Directors (AFL).

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              The leasing of their 100th suite puts the Senators more
         than 25 leased boxes ahead of last year's total, according
         to Don Brennan of the OTTAWA SUN.  The team has also sold
         9,400 season-tickets, which is up almost 1,300 from the '96-
         97 season.  Senators CEO Roy Mlakar: "We are happy with the
         direction our season tickets are heading.  The team is on
         pace for an approximate 25% increase from last season, which
         has to be one of the highest increases in the league."  The
         team "had hoped" to hit 10,000 season-ticket sales before
         the start of the season to "be on pace to next season have
         the 12,000 season ticket holders they deem needed" to keep
         them competitive (OTTAWA SUN, 9/30).  
              MORE FROM OTTAWA: In selling 100 suites in '97, the
         team brought in C$2.16M more in sales than in '96.  The team
         is aiming for 120 suites sold/leased per game.  In terms of
         advertising at the Corel Centre, the team has sold out all
         rinkboards and is currently installing additional rotational
         boards to fit client demands (THE DAILY).
              OILERS: In Edmonton, Terry Jones reports that the first
         five games of the season for the NHL Oilers "are looking
         like sellouts.  And there will be more, many more, where
         that came from."  The Oilers will start the season with
         13,303 season tickets.  Team VP Doug Piper: "We are now
         virtually sold out of the Oilers inventory ... board signs,
         the ice advertising and the scoreboard.  If we're not
         100[%], we're certainly at 95[%]" (EDMONTON SUN, 10/1). 

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              "Even as a deal to sell the Twins appears imminent,
         advocates for a new ballpark are suggesting" to MN Gov. Arne
         Carlson that he "delay calling a special legislative session
         so they can round up more votes," a spokesperson for Carlson
         said Tuesday, according to Whereatt & Weiner of the
         Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE.  But Carlson is "refusing" any
         delay and his staff is working with legislative leaders to
         decide on a day during the week of October 20 to hold a
         special session.  Meanwhile, Twins President Jerry Bell said
         that an agreement to sell the Twins to NC businessman Don
         Beaver "is close and could be nailed down as soon as
         Thursday."  Bell "denied reports that Beaver would be in the
         Twin Cities today to sign a deal."  Twins Owner Carl Pohlad
         will be out of town today (Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE, 10/1). 
         Beaver, on Tuesday, said, "We haven't submitted anything
         written yet" (AP/CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 10/1).    

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