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          Mandalay Entertainment's presentation of "Double Team,"
     released by Columbia Pictures, opens nationwide today.  The
     film stars JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME and marks DENNIS RODMAN's
     film debut.  Rodman plays Yaz, a weapons dealer, who helps
     Quinn (Van Damme) rescue his wife, held by the vengeful
     terrorist Stavros (played by Mickey Rourke).  In N.Y., Janet
     Maslin calls Rodman's performance "awkward but definitely
     lively," adding that he "gives the film some much-needed
     comic relief" (N.Y. TIMES, 4/4).  The N.Y. POST's Michael
     Medved: "Rodman offers an oddly likable screen presence, but
     his mincing mannerisms, phoned-in delivery and clumsily
     choreographed fights all suggest that he shouldn't give up
     his NBA career any time soon" (N.Y. POST, 4/4).  In Chicago,
     Roger Ebert, on Rodman: "He seems at home on the screen. 
     He's confident, and in action scenes he'll occasionally do a
     version of the high-spirited hop-skip-and-jump he sometimes
     does on the court" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 4/4).   On "CBS This
     Morning," Gene Siskel: "Physically, Dennis looks good.  His
     makeup in the film improves his complexion and he seems
     confident in the fight scenes. Not bad for a non-pro actor"
     ("CBS This Morning," 4/4).  SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's Kostya
     Kennedy writes "while Rodman's thespian efforts are often
     ham-handed and forced -- partly due to an insipid and
     cliche-ridden script -- he actually holds up well" against
     Van Damme and Rourke (SI, 4/7).  In L.A., Kevin Thomas:
     "Rodman is a natural for the movies.  He's got a star's wit,
     personality and presence, and clearly his role has been
     tailor-made for him" (L.A. TIMES, 4/4).  In Houston, Bruce
     Westbrook notes Rodman "has so much persona to play," that
     he "registers more strongly than [Michael] Jordan did [in
     'Space Jam']" (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 4/2).  In Ottawa, Louis
     Hobson, on Rodman: "He has the best throw-away lines and he
     knows how to toss them with aplomb" (OTTAWA SUN, 4/4).  
          DIGGING FOR WORM:  Rodman's agent, DWIGHT MANLEY, is
     profiled in SI by Richard Deutsch.  Manley, 30, "looked
     across the crap table when they first met, at a Las Vegas
     casino in 1993, and saw 'a diamond in the desert that just
     needed some polishing.  It was so obvious'" (SI, 4/7 issue).
          PARTY: RODMAN, following the Bulls' White House visit
     yesterday, when asked if he would like to spend a night in
     the White House: "I'd like to bring some of my closest
     friends and then invite Hillary and Bill in there and see if
     they can really party down. ... I think Hillary can be an
     animal, but Bill is a little bit too conservative" (CHICAGO
     SUN-TIMES, 4/4)....Jay Leno: "Did you see Rodman?  He had
     the same outfit on as Hillary" ("Tonight Show," NBC, 4/3).

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