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              The Canucks sold about 2,840 subscriptions as part of a
         four-game, pay-per-view package, according to William
         Houston of the Toronto GLOBE & MAIL.  The PPV package is a
         four-game plan, which includes home games against the
         Panthers, Maple Leafs and Canadiens.  Chris Hebb,
         VP/Broadcasting for Orca Bay, said that the games were not
         "deliberately set aside" for PPV, but that "they were all
         pretty good games, and we felt bad they were not being
         delivered to the public."  Houston reports that "despite
         grabbing only" 3.5% of the PPV market, the Canucks
         "apparently were satisfied."  The package sold for C$34.99,
         which included four PPV movies.  Total revenue from sales
         was "about" $99,000 (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 1/8). 

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              TV ratings for the Magic have "been down as much as 40
         percent this season in the wake of Shaquille O'Neal's move"
         and "injuries to Penny Hardaway and other starters,"
         according to Jim Abbott of the ORLANDO SENTINEL.  Tuesday,
         the Magic got their starting five back on the court against
         Philadelphia, and "ratings did rebound."  Overnight figures
         showed an 18% increase from the season average on Sunshine
         Network.  Compared with '95-96, average ratings are down
         from 30-40%, on WKCF, which carries Magic road games. Home
         games on Sunshine are down by 7% (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 1/9).

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              Time Warner shares rose 3%, to $39 yesterday morning,
         "on a rumor that CEO Gerald Levin might leave" the company. 
         Time Warner spokesperson Ed Adler called the rumor "totally
         ludicrous" (USA TODAY, 1/9)....Lifetime TV will sponsor
         "Take a Girl to the Game" national program this February
         where women and men under 18 are admitted free to women's
         basketball games at one of 75 participating college campuses
         when accompanied by an adult.  Lifetime will get game
         signage for its new block of women's programming called "The
         Place" at all 75 schools promoting the campaign (INSIDE
         MEDIA, 1/9)....The new sports magazines for women are
         examined by Denise Gellene of the L.A. TIMES.  SI Associate
         Publisher John Jay said their new women's publication is
         also "likely" to cover men's sports as well.  Jay: "We might
         do a piece on Mike Tyson or Michael Irvin, but from a
         women's point of view" (L.A. TIMES, 1/9)....ACTV, the NY-
         based system allowing viewers to tailor design their sports
         coverage through a remote, "plans to launch premium digital
         services in at least three markets this year, after signing
         a seven-year master programming agreement with Fox Sports
         Net" (ELECTRONIC MEDIA, 1/6 issue). 

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              The PGA Tour yesterday launched its official website at  Fully accessible by this spring,
         the site, which will provide real-time scoring for events,
         also features audio of interviews and press conferences to
         player statistics dating back to 1980.  PGA Tour VP/Int'l TV
         & New Media Len Watson: "With real-time scoring and a
         database that can show you what Fred Couples shot on the
         seventh hole at the '81 Masters. ... we see this as becoming
         the premier golf site."  IBM and Michelob are initial
         sponsors, but Watson said the site has "the possibility" of
         adding additional corporate support.  The site, developed by
         Seattle-based Saltmine Creative, will allow browsers to book
         tee-times at certain courses, purchase merchandise, and
         access facts on each tournament, ranging from course maps to
         information on local restaurants and hotels.  Saltmine
         Marketing Manager Paul Schille told THE DAILY Saltmine
         envisions the site getting up to 1 million hits per day when
         it becomes fully operational in the coming year (THE DAILY).
              IBM GETS A LEFTY: PGA Tour player Phil Mickelson will
         be sponsored for the next three years by IBM, according to
         Jerry Potter of USA TODAY.  Mickelson: "We haven't developed
         the specifics, but we have the concept down on what we're
         going to do."  IBM Sports Marketing Manager Tom Burke said
         Mickelson will be used to "tie IBM's existing golf programs
         to the public."  IBM will develop a Mickelson World Wide Web
         site, but Mickelson will not wear any IBM logos while
         playing.  Burke: "We're not trying to build brand awareness. 
         We're trying to showcase our technology" (USA TODAY, 1/9). 

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              The Pirates and Fox Sports Pittsburgh signed a multi-
         year extension of their TV deal.  Fox Sports Pittsburgh will
         now produce and distribute games on local broadcast TV along
         with showing the team exclusively on cable (Fox Sports
         Pittsburgh).  In Pittsburgh, Chuck Finder wrote, "with 85
         televised games and roughly $3.8 million in pocket this
         season, the Pirates' benefits seem obvious."  That
         "constitutes an increase" of nearly 10 games and $1M from
         last season.  The contract extension, which runs through
         2000, will see the number of games increase to 100, and the
         rights fee increase roughly to $4.5M, by 2000.  On the
         cable/broadcast split, 70 games "minimum" will be on Fox
         Sports Pittsburgh, with 15 on an over-the-air station to be
         announced.  Fox Sports Pittsburgh will also do a "minimum"
         of 21 homes games (PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE, 1/8).

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