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         One of the enduring legacies of the Atlanta Olympics will be
    the heightened attention afforded women's sports, particularly
    those team sports not thought of as traditional Olympic favorites
    -- basketball, softball and soccer.
         WATERSHED:  USOC Exec Dir Dick Schultz:  "It's a real
    watershed for women's athletics" (USA TODAY, 8/5).  "It would be
    absurd to suggest that Olympic heroines are some kind of 1996
    innovation," writes Wayne Coffey of the N.Y. DAILY NEWS.  "Still,
    there's no doubt the Atlanta Games catapulted women's sports to a
    new level of interest" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 8/6).  The PHILADELPHIA
    INQUIRER traces the growth of women's sports since Title IX was
    passed in '72 (Diane St. George, PHILA. INQUIRER, 8/7).  TIME's
    Richard Zoglin calls the U.S. women's teams the "hottest acts" at
    the Games (TIME, 8/5 issue).  The TAMPA TRIBUNE's Mick Elliott:
    "Never had women's athletics in the United States been presented
    such a stage, and it responded in appropriate style" (TAMPA
    TRIBUNE, 8/5).  The WASHINGTON TIMES' Tom Knott:  "This was the
    Olympiad in which the U.S. women's teams punched through to a new
    level of mass acceptance with the American public" (WASHINGTON
    TIMES, 8/5).  The CHICAGO TRIBUNE's Bob Verdi:  "My fellow
    fellows, we got our clocks cleaned. ...Women were everywhere in
    Atlanta, and honesty compels us to report that they excelled
    beyond all expectations" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 8/4).  The S.F.
    CHRONICLE's Scott Ostler calls the U.S. women's basketball team
    "role models for hoopdom in general" (S.F. CHRONICLE, 8/7).

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         "No single endorsement superstar from the Games has sent
    consumers and marketers into a tizzy," according to Bruce
    Horovitz of USA TODAY.  Seven sports marketing "specialists"
    surveyed by USA TODAY gave their assessment on which U.S.
    athletes stand the best chance of cashing in on Olympic glory.
    GOLD:  Michael Johnson (to be remembered for "infectious post-
    victory smile").  SILVER:  Kerri Strug ("Time will tell whether
    Strug's a blip ... or if she's got staying power").  BRONZE:  Dan
    O'Brien ("'World's Greatest Athlete' has a cachet all its own")
    (USA TODAY, 8/7).
         RUNNERS UP:  Dot Richardson (As an M.D., could endorse
    "anything from Advil to Ben-Gay to Band-Aid"), Carl Lewis, Lisa
    Leslie, Amy Van Dyken.  HONORABLE MENTION:  Archer Justin Huish
    (Gen-X "poster boy"), Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Janet Evans
    ("sentimental favorites"), swimmers Tom Dolan and Gary Hall Jr.
    ("telegenic and talented ... [but] lost in the shuffle"),
    Dominique Moceanu ("Queen of Sydney"?), women's softball,
    basketball and soccer teams (exhibition tours), Muhammad Ali and
    Bela Karolyi ("likely to be paired with Strug in at least one ad
    campaign") (USA TODAY, 8/7).
         WHERE'S THIS YEAR'S CUT-OFF POINT?  Advantage's Helen
    Broder:  "One of the mistakes I think a lot of people make in
    talking to the athletes is saying 'You now have a gold medal.
    You're gonna be like Mary Lou Retton and you're gonna make
    millions and millions of dollars.'  Well, it's true that some of
    the very top echelon can go into seven figures.  As a whole, it's
    a select handful getting a high six figures and below that" ("CBS
    This Morning," 8/7).

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         ACOG COO A.D. Frazier predicted the Atlanta Games would turn
    "a slim profit."  Frazier:  "There's not going to be a big
    windfall for anyone, I'll tell you that right now.  If there's
    anything at all, it's going to be very low numbers."  The major
    remaining expense for ACOG is $30M to retrofit Olympic Stadium
    for use by the Braves (AP/ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 8/7)....NBC
    reports the Games were watched by 209 million viewers, the most
    of any event in TV history.  NBC estimates that its coverage
    reached 91.7% of all U.S. TV households (NBC Sports)....Ray
    Flynn, one of the agents for 100-meter gold medalist Donovan
    Bailey, floated the idea of a 150-meter race against Michael
    Johnson.  Flynn said they have not discussed the idea with
    Johnson's representatives (PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS,
    8/7)....Sponsor NationsBank has received criticism for its
    decision to program its ATM's at olympic venues to accept only
    NationsBank bank cards (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 8/7)....Fieldcrest
    Cannon Inc., an ACOG licensee, expects to absorb a loss on the
    millions invested in bedding products featuring the Olympic logo
    and mascot Izzy (Charlotte BUSINESS JOURNAL, 8/5)....The Atlanta
    City Council held a second day of hearings from vendors upset
    with B.G. Swing Games Management, the city's Olympic marketer and
    vending licensor (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 8/7).

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