Seahawks Owner Ken Behring held several interviews yesterday
to explain his decision to move his team to the vacant L.A.
market.  On ESPN, he was asked if the deal was just about money:
"If I was looking for that, I could move to Cleveland right now
because they are offering the same deal Baltimore is."  On the
alleged seismic dangers at the Kingdome, as compared to stadiums
in Southern CA:  "The earthquakes aren't the problem.  It's how
the building is constructed."  On where they will be in '96:
"The court could decide that we have to play this year up in the
Kingdome.  So we have to wait and see on how that plays out."  On
the unanimous owners' vote to give the league control on filling
the L.A. market:  "We've informed the NFL every step of the way.
We have been in constant contact with them ever since our
problems started in Seattle.  They've known" ("SportsCenter,"
2/6).  On CNN, Behring said of L.A.:  "You have everything here.
You have all the media, you have television.  It's where things
should happen."  On his problems in Seattle:  "It was never my
team, it was their team" ("Sports Tonight," 2/6).  In USA TODAY,
Behring was asked about fan loyalty:  "I think we have a lot of
loyalty to fans, but if you have to play in a  stadium that is
not fan-friendly and cannot generate the kind of money to get the
type of players you need, I don't think there's hardly any owner
that's really making much money" (Kelly Carter, USA TODAY, 2/7).
     NOT FOR SALE:  Ronald Olson, attorney for Behring, said he
respected the efforts of King County officials to find a local
buyer, but he said the team is not for sale.  According to a
report in yesterday afternoon's SEATTLE TIMES, Olson said, We
have every intention of proceeding as we have planned -- to move
to Los Angeles.  There are no negotiations, none."  The name most
frequently mentioned as a potential buyer is Microsoft Co-Founder
Paul Allen, owner of the NBA Blazers.  Olson:  "So far as I know,
there has not been a single contact with Mr. Allen.  If he looked
at the books, it was some time ago."  Also mentioned is former
Seahawks Coach Chuck Knox, although he continues to deny any
interest (Barbara Serrano, SEATTLE TIMES, 2/7).
     HE FEELS THEIR PAIN:  King County Exec Gary Locke met
President Clinton yesterday on unrelated issues, but did say the
President gave his "moral support."  Locke:  "He expressed deep
concern about what's happening and said the NFL needs to get its
house in order" (SEATTLE TIMES, 2/7).
     SEATTLE SLEWED:  WA Superior Court Judge Michael Cooper
sided with the team yesterday by saying that he thought his court
in Kittitas County had jurisdiction over the dueling lawsuits
filed by the team and King County.  King County attorneys claim
they filed their suit first.  A hearing will be held February 22
(SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, 2/7). ....The videotaped release by
Seahawks President David Behring was produced by Hill & Knowlton,
recently hired to handle public relations of the team's planned
move (Tacoma NEWS TRIBUNE, 2/6)....An NFL spokesperson noted that
a request would have had to have been made by September '95 for
the Seahawks to change their name, logo and colors for next
season (SEATTLE TIMES, 2/7)....A group called SOS (Save our
Seahawks) plans to file a class-action lawsuit and stage rallies
in support of the team (SEATTLE TIMES, 2/7).
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