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     The Internet as a commercial medium is "both broad and
narrow at the same time -- capable of reaching millions of
people, but also able to target an audience more precisely than
any other," writes Warren Wilson in the SEATTLE POST-
INTELLIGENCER.  Wilson, who notes that U.S. companies may hit the
$1B mark in Web advertising by 2000, reports that a WebTrack
Information Services survey estimates advertisers spent $12.4M on
the Web in the fourth quarter of '95, with more than 175 sites
seeking advertisers and more than 250 active advertisers.
Netscape, Lycos, InfoSeek, Yahoo, Pathfinder and ESPNET
SportsZone are the top Web ad sources.       SPORTSZONE UNIQUE:
Among those large internet advertising publishers, SportsZone "is
notable in a couple of respects," writes Wilson.  ESPN's internet
site charges rates "higher than most" because it is "is one of
few top publishers that are 'content driven,'" keeping users
involved in the page longer.  Rich LeFurgy, Advertising Dir at
Starwave, producer of SportsZone, notes the average ESPNET
browser stays 13 minutes.  LeFurgy:  "Our users are more involved
in the content. ...We think our impressions are more valuable."
Starwave charges $100,000 for a three-month "sponsorship" on
SportsZone, compared with $30,000 on Time Warner's Pathfinder or
$60,000 on Yahoo or Lycos.  As for traffic, Starwave reports
930,000 visits per week on the SportsZone site, with an estimated
95% of the visitors male.  LeFurgy:  "That's just unheard of in
traditional media."
     WHO'S DOING THE ADVERTISING?  The WebTrack survey reports
that 2/3 of those advertising on the Internet are computer
companies, service or telecommunications companies. But Wilson
writes, "More and more firms ... are signing up."  ESPNET
features ads from companies such as Pizza Hut, Levi Strauss and
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