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         Acting MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said negotiations for a
    new CBA are expected to resume after the MLBPA meetings, which
    begin today in FL.  According to USA TODAY's Antonen & Bodley,
    "Talks could resume next week when the union responds to
    management negotiator Randy Levine's proposal presented more than
    10 days ago."  The union is expected to prepare its response
    after a staff meeting on Monday (USA TODAY, 11/28).  In Chicago,
    Jerome Holtzman examines the likelihood of another work stoppage
    -- either a strike or a lockout -- and writes, "Trust this.
    Neither will happen."  Holtzman sees the owners as "content to
    ride the horse they came in on.  They won't settle until the
    Players Association agrees to major concessions."  Meanwhile, on
    the union side, with the mean salary having fallen 50% last year
    from $450,000 to $225,000, MLBPA Exec Dir Don Fehr is "trying to
    keep the troops together" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 11/27).

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         When the CFL Board of Governors meets Wednesday in Toronto,
    owners are expected to discuss the location of teams, salary
    caps, and the Canadian content rules for teams in Canada.  Jeff
    Dickins of the HAMILTON SPECTATOR says to expect the C$2.5M
    salary cap to remain in place, look for the ratio limit to "drag
    on and not be settled," watch for the Birmingham Barracudas to
    suspend operations and Shreveport Pirates to "resurface" in
    Norfolk.  In personnel news, CFL VP of Communications Mike Murray
    resigned yesterday, and Dickins adds CFL Events Manager Maggie
    Hermant will "depart shortly" (HAMILTON SPECTATOR, 11/28).  In
    Toronto, Gary Picknell lists his ten ways to save the CFL.  No. 1
    is to buy out Commissioner Larry Smith's contract, since "his
    reign has been a disaster."  Picknell also argues to "let the
    U.S. teams go their own way if they want," adding the CFL is
    being "brought down" by Las Vegas and Shreveport "fiascos"
    (TORONTO SUN, 11/28).  A BUSINESS WEEK report notes the CFL's
    "ambitious drive into the U.S. seems to be coming to grief, and a
    National Football League expansion into the Toronto market would
    threaten the league's existence" (William Symonds, BUSINESS WEEK,

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         The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Antitrust, Business
    Rights and Competition takes up the issue of franchise relocation
    in a hearing tomorrow at 10am EST.  Scheduled to testify:
    Members of OH's congressional delegation, NFL Commissioner Paul
    Tagliabue, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, Maryland Stadium
    Authority Chair John Moag, Houston Mayor Bob Lanier, Cleveland
    Mayor Michael White, and a panel of professors (THE DAILY).
         WHAT TO EXPECT:  The NFL seeks a "limited antitrust
    exemption that would give it protection from a suit if it blocks
    a franchise shift" (Gary Myers, N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 11/28).  Lanier
    "is expected to testify that competition between cities
    ultimately drives up the cost to local taxpayers blackmailed into
    building new venues" (John Williams, HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 11/28).
    White said Congress "needs to understand the far-and-away unique
    circumstances in Cleveland" (WASHINGTON TIMES, 11/28).

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         In Boston, Frank Dell'apa calls FIFA President Joao
    Havelange's "blessing" of MLS and his intention to attend the '96
    opener a "great boost of confidence."  Dell'apa:  "Make no
    mistake -- a professional league cannot easily function without
    FIFA's support.  The MLS and FIFA are entering into a synergistic
    business relationship" (BOSTON GLOBE, 11/26)....The CISL's Board
    of Governors has changed the duties of Commissioner Ron Weinstein
    to allow him to focus on marketing and a national TV deal
    (CISL).... This Saturday, the Connecticut Sports Development
    Group hosts a neutral-site NPSL game between Chicago and
    Cleveland at The Centrum in Worcester, MA.  The group has applied
    for a New England expansion team for '96-97 (NPSL)....In a joint
    announcement, the Canadian Hockey League and the NHL outlined
    details of the CHL Chrysler Cup Challenge, a game featuring 40
    top junior hockey prospects to be held February 15 at Maple Leaf
    gardens in Toronto (CHL/NHL)....NASCAR officials promise an
    announcement of "international importance" at their annual
    conference in New York on December 1.  While Texas Speedway hopes
    for a spot on the '96 Winston Cup schedule, the consensus is that
    '96 races will not change venues (FT. WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM,

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         NBA officials will meet with representatives of the league's
    locked-out refs on Wednesday in New York.  According to CNN's
    Nick Charles, a source said "a lot of referees" think the
    league's latest offer was not a bad deal.  Charles: "If Mike
    Mathis, the union chief, doesn't get it done Wednesday, they
    might take matters into their own hands" ("Sports Tonight,"
    11/27).  Tomorrow's session will be the first since the refs
    rejected a November 20 league offer of an immediate 18.6% raise
    and a 60% hike over the life of the five-year deal.  Mathis said
    the two sides are "less than $20,000 a year per team apart."  The
    NBA puts the difference at about $2-3M per team per year.  If
    there is no agreement by Monday, the league will add a third ref
    to the replacement crews (Roscoe Nance, USA TODAY, 11/28).
         HARD LINE:  In Atlanta, Ailene Voisin notes the possibility
    of "mutiny" within the ranks of the refs' union.  She reports,
    "Sounding remarkably similar to the complaints uttered last
    summer by the Ewing-Michael Jordan faction, the rank-and-file is
    questioning its leadership and becoming increasingly agitated by
    the hardball tactics of chief negotiator Mike Mathis."  Ref
    Derrick Stafford:  "Mike decides on the proposals by himself, and
    that's wrong. ... We've been quiet, but no longer.  This week
    [Mathis] gets it done or he's out" (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 11/28).
         ANOTHER VIEW:  In San Antonio, veteran ref Jimmy Clark said
    union members are united.  Clark:  "We really would like to hear
    what all the players and owners think.  If they all believe that
    we are wanting the moon, then maybe we should re-evaluate our
    position, not think about sitting out the season.  But I don't
    believe we are asking for the moon" (Glenn Rogers, SAN ANTONIO
    EXPRESS-NEWS, 11/28).

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