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     Media speculation continues on the possible future of O.J.
Simpson.  "Entertainment Tonight" examined his next move.  Agent
Ruth Webb:  "I cannot imagine the general public making him into
a star again" ("ET," 10/4).  CNBC's "Business Insiders" also took
its turn to speculate on Simpson's next step.  David Burns of
Burns Sports Celebrity Service:  "I very much doubt if any
advertisers are going to risk a negative image being associated
with their product.  So, I take a very dim view of the
advertising world.  I do predict that he will make a great deal
in movies again. ... These would be the violent movies, the
movies that are directed toward the segment of the people who
cheered [Tuesday] when they heard the verdict."  Michael Burgi of
MediaWeek on the possible pay-per-view deal:  "I think people
would buy the event if it does take place. ... I spoke to a Time
Warner executive today who said to me that if they do something
like this, 'I'm walking out.'"  Burns on the possbility of
Simpson again becoming a sportscaster:  "I really doubt if the
networks want to be a part of someone that controversial" (CNBC,
10/4).  Although Simpson worked for NBC Sports in the past, some
analysts said the Fox network "might be better for him because it
has a more daring image and has extended itself to appeal to
black viewers."  But a Fox spokesperson said the network "has no
interest in hiring Mr. Simpson" (WASHINGTON POST, 10/5).  NBC
Exec Don Ohlmeyer was one of the few non-family, non-defense team
members at Simpson's home during his first night of freedom
(Shirley Perlman, NEWSDAY, 10/5).
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