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         "Rumors are circulating" at the U.S. Open that the WTA Tour
    will announce a major sponsor, possibly by the tournament's end
    on Sunday, according to the TAMPA TRIBUNE. Three companies are
    reportedly in discussions with the WTA, including Finnish-based
    Nokia and Corel, an Ontario computer software company that
    currently sponsors the Champions Tour. Monica Seles' return to
    the WTA Tour and the "subsequent high visibility ... is
    considered a reason a deal my be forthcoming" (TAMPA TRIBUNE,


         The "lure of the ubiquitous Nike swoosh" is causing
    controversy in "places once thought to be a little more benign
    than pro football," according to Michael Hunt of the MILWAUKEE
    JOURNAL SENTINEL.  Three officials from the Univ. of Wisconsin
    will travel to meet with Nike officials on September 26 and
    "discuss a possible partnership between the shoe company and the
    esteemed school."  School officials will also meet with
    delegations from Reebok and Converse, with each possibly offering
    to supply the Badgers with uniforms and a cash payment, probably
    somewhere in the $4-$5M range over a period of six or seven
    years.  But the plan isn't popular with everybody.  Wisconsin AD
    Vince Sweeney said "there's no question it could be
    controversial."  With the department "solidly in the black,"
    Sweeney says they "may reject all offers if the chancellor's
    office and athletic board object" (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL,

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         Pennzoil has begun a $10M+ fall campaign with a TV buy
    "across every installment of ABC's Monday Night Football
    throughout the season," according to AD WEEK.  The spots feature
    rebate offers on Pennzoil products and discounts at Jiffy Lube
    (AD WEEK, 9/45 issue).

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         Advantage Int'l has access to rental homes, tickets and golf
    outing opportunities for the upcoming Ryder Cup matches from
    September 21-24 in Rochester, NY.  Packages are for corporate or
    private sales.  Call Kristina Scism at (703) 905-3300 for details
    (Advantage Int'l)....Lebanon could be the next "potential bonanza
    for American companies."  Starnet Int'l Corp., a computer-based
    architectural-design company, landed a $1M contract to design a
    dome for a sports complex in Beirut.  The complex includes a gym
    and stadium and is being built for the '96 Pan-Arab Game (ORLANDO
    SENTINEL, 9/7)....After the Buccaneers' win over the Eagles last
    Sunday, Tampa area merchants are reporting strong sales of Bucs
    merchandise.  The Pro Image in a Clearwater mall sold 192 replica
    jerseys in the last three weeks and many stores are out of Bucs
    garb (TAMPA TRIBUNE, 9/8)....THE SPORTING NEWS gives a "High
    Five" to Nike for their recent ad campaign featuring young girls
    who talk about how "significant participating in sports is to
    girls."  TSN: "If you are a parent with daughters, you'll find it
    difficult not to doff your cap to the sneaker giant (TSN, 9/11

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         Cobra Golf is featured in USA TODAY's "Company Spotlight."
    Cobra is the second largest maker of premium oversized golf clubs
    in the U.S. and has "enjoyed superb growth," writes David Craig.
    Last year, the company's net income jumped 198% on a 121%
    increase in revenue, and in '95 net income and revenue are
    expected to jump 53%.  In an "industry where celebrity
    endorsement carries much weight," Cobra has Greg Norman, who sits
    on Cobra's board and owns 700,000 shares and nearly 4% of the
    company.  Norman's stake is worth around $23M.  Cobra "frequently
    has been rumored to be a prime take-over candidate of American
    Brands, which owns the Titleist and Foot-Joy product lines," but
    neither party would comment on such speculation.  Some stock
    analysts believe that without a takeover, the "Cobra story isn't
    so compelling."  Their stock has already jumped 63% from its '95
    low in late April, and "even bullish analysts admit Cobra simply
    can't keep growing at such a torrid rate."  Robert Marvin, stock
    analyst at Seidler Cos., believes the company "could be an
    uneventful investment, at least until it launches a line of
    titanium golf clubs at the January PGA golf products show" (USA
    TODAY, 9/8).
         SOMEBODY STOP ME: Cobra filed four new lawsuits in Federal
    Court and received temporary restraining orders against all
    defendants for manufacturing and distributing knock-off copies of
    their oversized clubs (Cobra).

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         As the U.S. Open heads toward its final weekend, the
    following players and apparel manufacturers are still alive in
    the singles bracket.  MEN: Becker (Lotto) vs. Agassi (Nike),
    Sampras (Nike) vs. Courier (Nike).  WOMEN: Seles (Nike) vs.
    Conchita Martinez (Ellesse), Graf (Adidas) vs. Sabatini (Head).
    Filip Bondy of the N.Y. DAILY NEWS asks, "Has Nike bought the
    very sole of the U.S. Open?"  Bondy writes the Nike Chair Philip
    Knight's "invading army took over Flushing Meadows by corporate
    storm these last two weeks."  Some players have criticized Nike's
    for alleged influencing the schedule, but it is obvious that
    Monica Seles "is suddenly everywhere ... and with her goes the
    corporate emblem."   Becker on Nike's role:  "Nothing personal
    against Andre or Pete Sampras.  They are fortunate enough to have
    such a strong company behind them."  Jana Novotna says she used
    to get upset about scheduling and other things, but now she
    realizes it's a "television decision.  Nike decision."  Jim
    Courier, sarcastically:  "Phil pretty much just decides what
    court he wants to sit and watch a match on."  Bondy writes, "As
    their strength has grown, the Nike athletes have grown defensive
    about their star power. ... The impression is unmistakable.
    America's top players are more visibly Nike than they are red
    white and blue" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 9/8).  George Vecsey writes
    that "Monica-mania has been getting worse as she rampaged
    through" the Open.  Seles has "been the most fascinating player
    in this tournament, even if she plays for Nike, that rogue
    corporation" (N.Y. TIMES, 9/8).
         NEWS AND NOTES:  CNBC's "Sports View" reported on the
    sponsorship dollars at this year's U.S. Open.  USTA President &
    CEO Les Snyder:  "Because of the nature of the Grand Slams you
    get a deeper market penetration, so we are broadcasting to 137
    countries, so many of our sponsors are international sponsors."
    CNBC's Mabel Jong reported, "The stakes are rising.  It's a $3
    billion industry that has been growing at double digits for the
    past ten years, and is gaining more momentum as more and more
    companies see it as a powerful marketing tool" (CNBC, 9/7). In
    Detroit, Jerry Green writes on the marketing of Pete Sampras.
    Sampras believes the Pizza Hut commercial with John McEnroe "came
    off pretty well" (DETROIT NEWS, 9/8).  Sampras talked about
    Nike's ads after his match yesterday, saying he believed they
    have helped his image (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 9/8).
         INFRASTRUCTURE: Wallace Matthews of the N.Y. POST writes on
    the publicly financing going towards a new stadium being built by
    the USTA as a future home for the Open.  Then-NYC Mayor David
    Dinkins made a deal with the USTA where the city "took 42 acres
    of prime real estate intended for the free use of the public and
    gave it over to the Westchester-based USTA for the next 99
    years."  Even though the Open's "projected gross profits this
    year are more than $46 million," the city will only get $400,000
    in rent plus 1% of profits after the first $25M are deducted.
    Matthews: "The greed of Steinbrenner is one thing.  The arrogance
    and elitism of the USTA is quite another" (N.Y. POST, 9/8).

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