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     "The results won't be known until next week, but both sides
were ready to claim victory in the NBA labor fight Thursday,"
according to this morning's CHICAGO SUN TIMES.  NBA Commissioner
David Stern:  "We feel the majority of the players will do the
right thing.  They will overwhelmingly approve the contract,
which is a very good contract for everybody.  Then we can get
back to the business of basketball and opening our season on
schedule."  Agent Marc Fleisher:  "We killed them in New York,
and we killed them in Winston-Salem and Los Angeles, while
Philadelphia was a dead heat.  I hear that 12 voted in New York.
I'd be surprised if (union supporters) had four votes.  Patrick
Ewing and Dino Radja announced publicly they voted for us.  Eight
voted in Los Angeles.  And I feel we got seven and definitely not
less than six.  Most of our guys have refused to talk for fear of
reprisals.  So it's my hope that most players who say they are
voting for the union will actually (reject the union)" (Lacy
     MORE FROM THE TOP:  NBPA Exec Dir Simon Gourdine:  "We think
there has been a good strong turnout and we've operated from the
assumption that the larger the turnout the better it was for the
union.  We feel very good about the results" (Mark Asher,
WASHINGTON POST, 9/8).  Michael Jordan:  "If it doesn't carry
then the players have spoken their mind, and that's all I ask.
If the majority of the players choose to accept this deal then
I'm with them, I'm with the majority, I'm with the players.  As
long as, two years down the road, they can live with the
repercussions of what this deal is going to give them, then I'm
happy" ("Sports Tonight," CNN, 9/7).
again, the Twin Cities will become the sports litigation capital
of the nation today when the NBA's contentious labor dispute
moves into Minneapolis federal court," according to today's
Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE.  U.S. District Judge David Doty will
hear motions concerning the dissidents antitrust lawsuit and
request for an injunction against the lockout, as well as the
league's request to change venue from Minneapolis to New York.
Weiner:  "Doty is not expected to make any rulings today.
Indeed, if the outcome of the players' decertification vote is to
uphold the union and, in essence, support a new collective
bargaining agreement, then this case probably will be dismissed"
(Jay Weiner, Minneapolis STAR-TRIBUNE, 9/8).
     PASS THE HAT:  The "status of the NLRB itself could pose a
problem for the NBA," according to the N.Y. TIMES.  NLRB New York
Regional Dir Daniel Silverman:  "We have already received
potential furlough notices.  It means if there is no budget on
Oct. 1, employees may be laid off, myself included.  Our cases,
basketball in particular, may be delayed by the absence of a
budget" (N.Y. TIMES, 9/8).
     WITHER THE REFS?  "Should the decertification movement be
defeated, as appears likely, next on the league's cramped agenda
is to negotiate a new contract with the referees," (Peter Vecsey,
N.Y. POST, 9/8).
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