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     MONEY commissioned a survey of fans by ICR Research Group to
see how teams in the NBA, NFL and MLB delivered on fan
preferences. (The survey did not find enough interest in the NHL
to warrant inclusion).  The scoring was weighted to take into
account "the relative importance" of each factor.  In addition,
74 sports writers and columnists were polled on various arenas'
"comfort, cleanliness and crowd control."  They also ranked the
teams by their "star power."  NFL teams received bonus points
since football was chosen most popular by 44% of fans, with bonus
points also going to the World Champions.  When teams are tied,
those with lower average ticket prices are ranked higher (MONEY,
10/95 issue).
     1.   Indians        76.5      14.  Dodgers        66.5
     2.   Cubs           73.5      15.  Mariners       66.0
     3.   Colts          72.0      16.  Rockets        65.5
     4.   Royals         70.5      17.  Broncos        65.5
     5.   S.F. Giants    70.5      18.  Rockies        65.0
     6.   Padres         70.0      19.  Saints         65.0
     7.   Braves         70.0      20.  Marlins        64.5
     8.   Packers        70.0      21.  Tigers         64.5
     9.   Cowboys        70.0      22.  Phillies       63.5
     10.  Dolphins       69.0      23.  Mets           63.5
     11.  Pirates        68.5      24.  Bucks          63.5
     12.  Spurs          68.0      25.  Magic          63.5
     13.  Texas Rangers  67.0
     TIDBITS:  Of the Top 25, only Seattle's facilities were
considered "below average."  The Indians, Colts, Royals, Padres,
Braves, Packers, Cowboys, Spurs, Rangers, Dodgers, Rockies and
Saints all received "superior" ranking for their facilities.
From the MONEY survey:  As many as 20% more respondents than last
year say comfort and ambience in arenas and stadiums is
important.  In terms of what fans value, parking under $8 and
ticket prices under $25 were the top requirements (MONEY, 10/95
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