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         The "hoopla" over Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gehrig's streak
    for consecutive games played is "also renewing interest" in
    Gehrig, according to Stuart Elliot in today's N.Y. TIMES.  Darci
    Ross, Senior VP/Sports Division for CMG Worldwide, who has
    Gehrig's licensing rights and works for his estate, calls it a
    "win-win situation."  CMG Worldwide is developing Ripken-Gehrig
    projects for companies such as Nike, who will hand out trading
    cards during the record-breaking game September 6.  CMG Worldwide
    is also working with the Tufton Group, which represents Ripken.
    George Pollack, executor of the Eleanor Gehrig estate, said that
    annual gross royalties for licensing of Gehrig's likeness, which
    ranged from $4,000-30,000 before Ripken closed in on the record,
    now exceed $100,000 (N.Y. TIMES, 9/1).
         MOO:  The Mid-Atlantic Milk Marketing Assoc. will have
    billboards congratulating their spokesperson, Ripken, as he
    approaches The Streak.  One billboard unveiled today will show a
    field of cows with the message:  "Good luck, Cal, from the guys
    in the field" (AD WEEK, 8/28 issue).
         HE'S EVERYWHERE: TriStar Pictures has named Ripken as a
    technical consultant for their upcoming project called "The Fan."
    The story is about a sports fanatic who stalks his favorite
    player when the athlete falls into a career slump.  Producer
    Wendy Finerman:  "Cal's incredible career makes him uniquely
    suited to advise us on the rigors and pressures faced by today's
    star athletes" (AD AGE ONLINE, 9/1).

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         NFL Properties President Sara Levinson on the state of the
    league:  "We have labor rest.  If I were a sponsor, I'd be
    reluctant to put all my eggs in any sport where there might not
    be a season." ... Gallo Wine runs "its first national sports
    promotion," when it plugs Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers with the
    NFL (USA TODAY, 9/1)....THE SPORTING NEWS gives "High Fives" to
    three teams: The Orioles and Phillies for raising money to fight
    neuromuscular disease's, including Lou Gehrig's disease, and Abe
    Pollin for planning to change the name of the Bullets (TSN, 9/4
    issue).....A set of t-shirts spotted at the Winston Cup race in
    Bristol, TN: "Keep the Government out of Racing."  Driver Rusty
    Wallace: "One thing they better realize [is] they're messing with
    some real firecrackers down here.  These people are opinionated,
    and they're tired of people screwing with them" (AP/DETROIT NEWS,
    9/1)....USA TODAY's "Ad Track" features Coors Lights Rocky
    Mountain themed ads.  The results show that Coors "is doing a
    good job reaching its target audience while delivering a
    likeable, effective campaign."  Coors is the No. 3 beer-maker in
    the U.S. with 10% of the market (USA TODAY, 9/1)....Disney Chair
    Michael Eisner and Anaheim Mayor Tom Daly will dedicate a new
    dual ice facility on Wednesday.  in an on-ice ceremony with
    Mighty Ducks players.  Disney ICE will be the new training
    facility for the Ducks (Mighty Ducks)....Florida Citrus Sports
    has named Frailey and Wilson to handle all advertising and
    promotion for the '96 Olympic soccer events in Orlando.  The
    account is estimated at $350,000 (AD WEEK, 8/28)....In a recent
    ad for Playoff Trading Cards, the BRSG agency in Houston "agreed
    the best way to sell the set was to show what the cards were
    truly made of."  The .30 second ad shown nationally on Prime
    shows close-ups of parts of a pig's anatomy with the voiceover:
    'The training is over.  You'll do what was once thought
    impossible. ... You will go where no pig has gone before.'  The
    spot then has quick shots of a pig running across the football
    field with the voiceover:  "Pigskin Previews.   The only football
    cards made of real leather" (AD WEEK, 8/28). ....Sports Systems
    Services Inc. announced their TeamFax service will provide pre-
    game packages written and prepared by the athletic departments of
    participating schools.  Call 1-800-210-TEAM to subscribe (Sports
    Systems Services).

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         Coverage of the multi-million Nike deal to outfit the Univ.
    of Michigan has renewed since the football team debuted the Nike
    swoosh on their jerseys.  Since the deal was announced last
    October, UM's Athletic Dept said they have received only one
    complaint.  Bruce Madej, spokesperson for UM's Athletic
    Department:  "All I can say is it was a way to get all of our
    sports under one umbrella."  But James Tobin writes that "a
    grumble or two could be heard" when the team took the field last
    week against UVA in the Pigskin Classic season opener (DETROIT
    NEWS, 9/1).
         ONE ALUM'S OPINION:  In Portland, J.E. Vader writes, "Has
    the University of Michigan sold its very soul to the dark forces
    of the netherworld? And for too low a price?"  With the visible
    Nike swooshes, the "players seemed like so much branded cattle."
    Compared to the reported figures for tennis players like Andre
    Agassi, the Michigan deal "looks like peanuts."  The deal
    "bothers more than a few people," according to Vader, as UM
    regent Laurence Deitch said the school was "letting a shoe
    company piggyback on the 170 years of tradition to peddle some
    shoes."  Deitch said he "was appalled" by the deal, calling it "a
    step too far in commercialism."  Vader: "You can't begrudge the
    people at Nike for being smart and wanting to make money," but
    adds it hurts those "who cling to the illusion that universities
    are for education. ... and then there's commercial ads right on
    their bodies.  It's not just desecration.  It's just bad taste"
    (J.E. Vader, Portland OREGONIAN, 8/31).
         DO IT FOR THE KIDS:  The marketing of street hockey by Nike
    and other companies to urban youth is profiled by Robin Givhan of
    the WASHINGTON POST.  New York marketing expert Marian Salzman
    says to "make a product hip and desirable to a young market, it
    helps to have black urban kids on your side," as they help many
    trends "gain momentum."  Givhan writes that "in today's media-
    saturated politicized climate, marketing a new sport to a
    minority or financially strapped audience is a tremendous
    balancing act.  Social conscience vs. bottom line" (WASHINGTON
    POST, 9/1).

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         Spalding announced they have signed a long-term deal with
    the Canadian College Athletic Association (CCAA) to become
    official sponsor of the organization's volleyball and basketball
    championships.  Spalding Canada will be title sponsor of the
    CCAA's National Volleyball and Basketball Championships -- both
    men's and women's -- '95-98.  Spalding will also provide the
    official balls (Spalding).

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