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         Bae Jae Shik, the head of the South Korea delegation for the
    South Korea-Japan forum, said he will suggest to the South Korean
    government that South Korea and Japan co-host the 2002 soccer
    World Cup.  Bae said he would make the proposal only if the
    Japanese delegation to the forum agrees with the idea.  The Forum
    brings leading intellectuals from the two countries to promote
    "mutual understanding between the two nations."  FIFA has moved
    up the selection date from June '96 to early next year -- "a
    moved viewed as trying to curb the already fierce bidding race
    between Japan and Korea" (KYODO NEWS SERVICE, 8/31).

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         "Barring an astonishing turn in voting next week, it will be
    business as usual for the NBA this season," writes Jeffrey
    Denberg in today's ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.  Players yesterday voted
    "strongly in favor of retaining the NBA Players Association as
    their labor representative."  Denberg reports that estimates are
    that "as many as 200 players" -- half the membership -- voted at
    47 NLRB offices across the country.  In Atlanta, 17 of 30 players
    registered to vote did so.  Jon Koncak:  "It was a very good
    turnout and I believe it was strongly pro-agreement.  Things
    apparently went well, and it looks like we're in business."  Joe
    Kleine:  "I think it'll pass, but I don't think it's going to be
    a slam dunk, either" (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 9/1).  "If hearing is
    believing, then it doesn't look good for the move to decertify
    the NBA players' union," writes Lacy Banks in today's CHICAGO
    SUN-TIMES.  Banks adds, "Just about all who revealed how they
    voted said they voted for the contract, suggesting the pro-union
    and pro-contract players are on their way to a landslide win.
    The dissidents, however, believe otherwise."  Pro-decert agent
    Marc Fleisher:  "From what I hear, it's an exceedingly close
    election and we think we are slightly up.  You must realize,
    also, that our most fervent supporters like Michael Jordan and
    Patrick Ewing - they haven't even voted yet because they were
    traveling.  We believe they'll step forward next Thursday"
    (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 9/1).  "The proponents and opponents of the
    proposed six-year NBA labor contract agreed on one -- and only
    one --point yesterday":  the turnout in was "heavy," according to
    Mark Asher in today's WASHINGTON POST.  Gourdine and NBA Deputy
    Commissioner Russ Granik "said the brisk turnout favored
    ratification of the contract and the end to a league-imposed
    lockout that entered its third month today." Granik:  "Our
    reading going in was that a vast majority favored the deal.  If
    you look at the press reports, a third to half of the players
    didn't want to reveal how they voted.  Of those who did reveal
    it, about three-quarters said they voted for the deal"

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