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         The NBA named CHRIS BRIENZA as Dir of Media Services.
    ....Former Pistons Dir of Player Personnel BILLY MCKINNEY was
    named Sonics VP/Basketball Ops (SportsTicker)....Nike Golf GM
    DAVE DICKEY has left the Golf Division for the company's general
    administration....JEAN HUE will move to France to become Taylor
    Made's new VP/Research and Development.  Hue is currently head of
    Research and Development for Taylor Made's parent company,
    Salomon. ....PHIL DUBE has been promoted to VP for Taylor Made's
    Industrial and Production Ops (GOLF WEEK, 7/29 issue).

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         Former Blue Jays President PAT GILLICK has reportedly been
    offered the CEO job for the Toronto Raptors (Peter Gammons,
    BOSTON GLOBE, 7/30)....Raptors President JOHN BITOVE, responding
    to negative images his organization received during recent
    stadium negotations: "We're not an arrogant organization. ... If
    people believe that, and sometimes perception is reality, then we
    have to work on that aspect of our image" (TORONTO SUN,
    7/30)....USOC Exec Dir DICK SCHULTZ is profiled by William Rhoden
    in this morning's N.Y. TIMES.  Rhoden writes that it was
    "suggested that perhaps the resignation from the NCAA, the only
    blemish on his career, was the motivation" for taking the USOC
    job (N.Y. TIMES, 8/1).... ANDRE AGASSI appeared on the "Tonight
    Show" and talked about, among other things, his Humvee (4-wheel
    drive vehicle) which he named Juanita (NBC, 7/31).
         TOP TEN LIST:  Chili Davis's Top Ten Complaints About Fans:
    10) When your hand is too tired from signing autographs to make a
    fist; 9) They get all huffy when you crack their skull with a
    Louisville Slugger; 8) Don't understand the pressure of making
    $18,000 per at bat; 7) When they give me their liver -- and I
    don't need a new liver; 6) When fans try to adjust your cup; 5)
    After you finish bloodying their nose, they almost never share
    their nachos with you; 4) They keep confusing him with Pittsburgh
    Pirates' "Hungarian Goulash" Davis; 3) Don't understand that it
    is hard to keep your temper under control when you are full of
    steroids; 2) Think only New York players can act like jerks; 1)
    Can't take a punch ("Late Show," CBS, 7/31).

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