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         JEFF EISENBERG was named VP/Sales and Marketing for the
    Sabres.  He had been VP/Tickets Sales for the Brewers
    (SABRES)....SUE ABRUZZESE-THORMAN, VP/Programming at MSG Network,
    is moving to Liberty Sports in New York....RON BISHOP has
    resigned as PR Manager for PRISM/SportsChannel Phila....JEAN-
    CLAUDE KILLEY, the French triple alpine gold medalist at the '68
    Winter Olympics, is reportedly favored to win a seat on the IOC
    this week (KYODO NEWS).

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         The plight of former L.A. Kings Owner BRUCE MCNALL is
    featured by Kevin Brooks in the June issue of GQ.  McNall, whose
    employees "semi-facetiously" called "God," has pleaded guilty to
    bank fraud and conspiracy, and admitted that he had "tricked
    banks and other investors" out of almost $250M.  Cook reports
    McNall "had a ten-year party with other people's money," but,
    "until now, he has been winning the fight to save his
    reputation."  As a young coin entrepreneur, McNall had a net
    worth of almost $60,000 at the age of 16.  But from Gretzky's
    arrival in L.A. until last year, McNall "was constantly juggling
    hundreds of millions of dollars in loans, infinitely more than he
    was worth, to keep the party going."  Cook writes that there was
    "little distinction between corporate and personal spending; they
    were inextricably, illegally, entwined."  McNall Sports &
    Entertainment (MS&E) VP Controller Joanna Orehek: "None of us
    knew exactly what was real.  It didn't matter as long as the next
    big loan kept the bills paid. In the meantime, you cheat a
    little."  When one employee finally confronted McNall on possible
    bank fraud, McNall "swore the fraud was about to stop" as one
    more deal -- selling the Kings to Sony -- would work everything
    out.  But by the end of '92, MS&E owed more than $200M, and by
    May '94 McNall was bankrupt.  McNall will probably serve no more
    than five years, and "he is sorry, but not morose."  Orehek:
    "Nobody ever wanted to say no to Bruce and hurt his feelings.
    But mostly it was golden handcuffs.  It was greed" (GQ, 6/95

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         MIKE GOFF, Dir of Corporate Sponsorship for Sprint, is
    profiled in AD AGE's "On A Roll."  In '94, Goff, 40, oversaw
    their title sponsorship of the World Cup.  Goff's goal is to
    "sponsor fewer events, getting maximum reach per event," and
    predicts "sporting events sponsorship is losing ground to general
    event sponsorship" (AD AGE, 6/12 issue)....Celtics Chair PAUL
    GASTON said the team is still in "very serious dicussion" with
    the Wall Street Journal regarding the $100M suit over the paper's
    Reggis Lewis story (BOSTON GLOBE, 6/13).....Author JOHN FEINSTEIN
    appeared on "Charlie Rose" to promote his new book "A Good Walk
    Spoiled -- Days and Nights on the PGA Tour."  Feinstein, on the
    impact of new technology:  "I think it affects hackers more than
    great players" (PBS, 6/13)....Former Univ. of Arkansas football
    player ELBERT CRAWFORD has left Little Rock's Stephens Sports
    Management to open a rival sports agency.  The agency will be
    financially-backed by ALICE WALTON, granddaughter of the late
    Wal-Mart tycoon, Sam Walton, and be called Llama Sports
    resigned as Sabres head coach, but signed a three-year extension
    as GM: "I dreamt of winning a Stanley Cup as a coach, and now I
    dream of winning a Stanley Cup as a General Manager"
    ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 6/13).... JAY LENO, on the Supreme Court's
    decision ending affirmative action: "You know what that means ...
    no more white guys in the NBA" ("Tonight Show," NBC,
    6/13)....ESPN's KEITH OLBERMANN, on Brewer KEVIN SEITZER's quote
    that fans who think the game is too slow should go to the movies:
    "Kevin, if everybody who thinks the games are too long goes to
    the movies we'll see you there because you and all of the other
    players will be employed scraping the gum off of the seats"
    ("SportsCenter," 6/13)....DENNIS RODMAN appeared on Letterman
    last night sporting yellow hair and a black mesh vest.  Rodman
    told Letterman that he has won as much as $120,000 and lost as
    much as $100,000 in different trips to Vegas.  Rodman, on playing
    for the Knicks next year:  "They don't have enough money for me,
    PATRICK EWING took it all." Letterman, speculating why Rodman is
    always late to practice:  "It takes awhile to get your piercing
    all hooked up?" (CBS, 6/14)....LYLE LOVETT will sing the National
    Anthem at MLB's All-Star Game (MLB)....Magic GM PAT WILLIAMS is
    profiled on the front page of this morning's WALL STREET JOURNAL.
    Williams was "once considered part of the NBA's lunatic fringe,
    horrifying basketball purists with his promotions" for the 76ers
    in the late 60's.  NBA Exec VP Rick Welts:  "Pat's always felt we
    were in the entertainment business, and he realized that much
    sooner than the rest of the league" (John Heylar, WALL STREET
    JOURNAL, 6/14)....Agent LEIGH STEINBERG was interviewed last
    night on CNBC's "Sports View."  Steinberg on the NBA's labor
    situation:  "It was because the teams looked as if they were
    going to go bankrupt some fifteen years ago that the player
    pitched in and said 'we have to save this sport.'  Those
    economics have completely changed.  Basketball is now a sports
    with tremendous popularity, with very different economics, it
    does not need a cap" (CNBC,  6/13).

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