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          Capital Cities/ABC and Spectrum HoloByte will develop a new
    company "to create and sell sport-oriented video games,"
    according to this morning's Baltimore SUN.  The as-yet-unnamed
    company will be located in Hunt Valley, MD.  Spectrum, owner of
    MicroPose Inc., is the maker of some of the "top-selling strategy
    and flight-simulation games," but has not had success breaking
    into the sports game market.  Analysts figure that sports
    comprise 10% of the video game market.  Cap Cities/ABC and
    Spectrum will each own half of the company, with ABC providing
    the brand name, access to titles such as "Monday Night Football,"
    and the voice and video of some of its sports commentators.
    Although MicroPose once specialized in PC-only games, the new
    company will make games for Sony, Sega and Nintendo machines, as
    well as PCs (Kim Clark, Baltimore SUN, 6/1).

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         Richard Pound, head of the IOC's broadcasting group, hears
    the bids from CBC and CTV today for the Canadian TV rights to the
    '98 Nagano Games.  The competition between the two networks "has
    become the most bitter battle for Canadian telecast rights to any
    sports event" (Ken McKee, TORONTO STAR, 6/1)....NBC's Marv Albert
    sits in for Rudy Martzke in writing USA TODAY's "TV Sports"
    column this morning.  Some highlights:  "The general public's
    interest in ratings is down 17%. ... ABC didn't catch it, but
    Arie Luyendyk drove the entire Indianapolis 500 with his left
    turn signal on" (USA TODAY, 6/1)....In Orlando, columnist Larry
    Guest takes on the NBA for the late start to the prime-time
    playoff games on NBC.  Guest writes, "Alas, the NBA seems willing
    to let network brass sell out the game to the ratings gods like
    baseball did. ... Will [the younger] generation sleep through the
    NBA's showcase?" (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 6/1)....U.S. West has put on
    hold plans to develop an interactive network by 1996 (WALL STREET
    JOURNAL, 6/1)....Seagram's intends to retain its 15% stake in
    Time Warner "for the time being" (FINANCIAL TIMES,
    6/1)....According to preliminary sweeps numbers from Nielsen,
    basic cable showed an aggregate 15.8/26, up 17.9% from May '94.
    The four networks showed a 40.5/68, down 5.2%.  TNT, CNBC,
    Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, CNN, Lifetime and Discovery all showed
    increases over '94, while ESPN, Family Channel, MTV and WGN all
    dropped (ELECTRONIC MEDIA, 5/29 issue)....MTV and NBA
    Entertainment will celebrate the '94-95 playoffs and regular
    season with "MTV's Slam n' Jam Wrap-Up" to air June 3 (NBA).

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         The NHL and ESPN yesterday announced a cooperative and joint
    Internet marketing effort linking the NHL World Wide Web site
    with ESPNET's SportsZone web site.  Internet users accessing the
    NHL's web site will see an icon of ESPNET's SportsZone offering a
    hyperlink to that site.  Also, when users access ESPNET's
    SportsZone, an icon for the NHL will provide a hyperlink to the
    NHL's web site.  NHL address:  ESPNET: (NHL).  ESPNET GM Tom Hagopian:
    "This is the first step in working together online with one of
    our franchise partners."  NHL Senior VP & COO Rick Dudley:  "It
    is the best of bith worlds for an Internet user skating on the
    web" (ESPN).  However, In Toronto, William Houston reviews the
    NHL's new site and calls it "pretty ordinary."  The Photo of the
    Day was of Grant Fuhr in goal for Buffalo.  Fuhr was traded to
    L.A. in February (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 6/1).
         RAVES FOR SPORTSZONE:  In this morning's WALL STREET
    JOURNAL, Walter Mossberg of the "Personal Technology" column
    rates ESPN's SportsZone Web site as not only one of the best Web
    sites, but also the best on-line sports resource .  Mossberg
    believes SportsZone "could evolve into something that will top
    most newspaper sports sections in writing, graphics, timeliness
    and depth" (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 6/1).
         SPORTSLINE USA SET TO LAUNCH:  SportsLine USA Inc., an
    online service "dedicated to sports information, entertainment
    and merchandise," is set to officially launch on the Internet on
    June 1, according to SportsLine President and Founder Michael
    Levy.  SportsLine's address is http://
    During the kick off, SportsLine will award one registered user
    per day a football autographed by Joe Namath (a spokesperson and
    shareholder in the company) from June 1 until the end of August.
    The service will be available at no cost until late August, when
    "a modest fee for access" will be charged (SportsLine USA Inc.).

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         Turner Sports President Harvey Schiller and Exec Producer
    Mike Pearl have turned their attention to TNT's NFL coverage, and
    "change is in the air," according to Prentis Rogers of the
    ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.  The half-hour pregame show for TNT's
    Sunday night games -- formerly known as "The Stadium Show" --
    will move to an hour and compete with ESPN's "NFL PrimeTime."  In
    addition, analysts Bob Neal and Lawrence Taylor won't be
    returning, with other possible changes in the lineup.  Prentis
    reports, "Obviously these are nervous times for all of those
    involved in TNT's coverage because evaluations are being made
    across the board."  TNT will also debut the continuous
    clock/score graphic (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 6/1).  The NFL has
    shifted the start of late Sunday afternoon games from 4:01 to
    4:05pm EDT to "allow more viewers to catch the end of 1pm games
    that run long" (Barry Jackson, MIAMI HERALD, 5/31).

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         While Viacom Chair Sumner Redstone told the company's annual
    meeting that his goals are to "expand our franchises to every
    format," that apparently does not include sports business,
    according to Wayne Waller of ELECTRONIC MEDIA.  With the sale of
    Madison Square Garden, the Knicks and the Rangers, Viacom
    President & CEO Frank Biondi said the company had "no interest"
    in getting back into the sports business.  Viacom is focusing on
    "cross-divisional projects" involving its Simon & Schuster, MTV
    and Nickelodeon brands, as well as continuing in the attempted
    sale of its cable systems to TCI (Wayne Walley, ELECTRONIC MEDIA,

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