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     Today's N.Y POST reports that JOE MONTANA will announce that
he will work for NBC next season at a May 20 meeting of the
network's affiliates (N.Y. POST, 5/8)....GARY HOPKINS has been
named Sports Editor of the Washington Times  (WASHINGTON TIMES,
5/8)....HOWARD COSELL bequeathed his entire collection of radio
and television broadcast tapes to the Museum of Television and
Radio in Manhattan (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 5/6)....The Grizzlies will
unveil their official uniforms at the Champion BearWear Fashion
Show in Vancouver.  Supermodel/women's beach volleyball star
GABRIELLE REECE will be featured at the show (Grizzlies)....On
her "NBA Beat" Friday, ESPN's JACKIE MACMULLAN reported that
Warriors Owner Christopher Cohan is "dealing directly" with
finding a new GM and that Hornets' Dir of Player Personnel DAVE
TWARDZIK is a leading candidate.  MacMullen also reports that
Warriors President ANDY DOLICH will not be involved in the
decision ("SportsCenter," 5/5).
     LETTERMAN'S TOP TEN:  Top Ten Ways to make the Derby More
Exciting:  10)  Horses must run last 25 yards on hind legs; 9)
Last-place finisher becomes part of "Surf 'N' Turf" special at
Churchill Downs Restaurant; 8)  Winning horse gets to do victory
lap dragging a hog-tied G. Gordon Liddy; 7)  At the Finish Line,
a pit of macaroni and cheese; 6)  Put a Saddle on Rush Limbaugh;
5)  Instead of horses, really fast cars; 4)  Jockeys wear nothing
but Jockeys;  3)  Siskel and Ebert in a horse costume;  2)  Let
Letterman entertain the horses; 1)  Three words: Really fat
("Late Show," CBS, 5/5).
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