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         Turner Broadcasting announced that Lawrence Taylor who is
    scheduled to wrestle in Wrestlemania XI for the WWF, will not
    return next season.  The WWF is a rival of Turner's WCW wrestling
    series, but a Turner spokesperson said the timing of the
    announcement of LT's departure was "coincidental" (PHILADELPHIA
    INQUIRER, 3/5)....Douglas Broadcasting has created Los Angeles'
    lone sports talk radio station at 107.1 FM.  Programs will
    consist of local and syndicated fare (DAILY VARIETY, 3/6
    issue)....In Boston, Jack Craig predicts the signing of Dave
    Meggett by the Patriots will help sell advertising for the
    exhibition broadcasts and boost radio sales at the Patriot's new
    flagship station, WBCN-FM, which has "sharply" increased ad rates
    (BOSTON GLOBE, 3/5).... Telemundo, the Spanish-language TV
    network based in Dade Co., FL, has been awarded the U.S.
    broadcasting rights to the Pan American Games and plans to begin
    broadcasting more than 50 hours of prime-time coverage March 10.
    Telemundo beat out rival Univision (MIAMI HERALD, 3/4)....AP
    named its best daily and Sunday sports sections for '94.  Twelve
    papers were named in both the top 10 for Sunday and top 20 for
    daily sections:  Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times,
    Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, L.A. Times, Miami Herald,
    N.Y. Times, Newsday, Orange County Register, St. Paul Pioneer
    Press, Washington Post (AP, 3/3).
         ON-LINE NEWS: The CFL Toronto Argonauts have gone on-line
    with SportsNet, a Canadian online sports service
    (Argonauts)....Golf Digest will begin testing its on-line site on
    March 8 with participation by eight advertisers including
    Cadillac, Adidas and several golf clothing and equipment makers.
    The service, available via Unet Corp., New York, is being tested
    at several rates, ranging from $6.95 to $14.95 a month (AD AGE,
    3/6 issue).

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         According to Terry Blount of the HOUSTON CHRONICLE, KILT-AM
    may be making a run at acquiring the Astros radio rights in '96.
    When the Astros flagship station KPRC-AM "balked at carrying"
    Astros' spring games with replacements, KILT "jumped at the
    chance."  KILT GM Dickie Rosenfeld: "That's the reason I did it.
    We are definitely going to pursue becoming the Astros' flagship
    station in '96"  (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 3/3)....Paxson
    Communications Corp. will purchase WFTL-AM of Ft. Lauderdale
    allowing Paxson to expand its radio broadcast of Heat games into
    Broward and Palm Beach counties (MIAMI HERALD, 3/4).

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         The current issue of BUSINESS WEEK examines the success of
    the satellite service DirecTV, a division of GM's Hughes Aircraft
    Co.  More than 700,000 satellite dishes and decoder systems have
    been shipped since its rollout six months ago, and nearly half a
    million subscribers pay $30 a month for a "high-powered" signal
    carrying 175 channels.  That is compared to the VCR, which sold
    fewer than 300,000 in its first year.  DirecTV President Eddy
    Hartenstein: "This is the biggest thing since color television."
    It was Hughes which developed the technology for the dish and
    then signed RCA-Thomson to produce the dishes exclusively for one
    year or one million units.  With Sony hitting the market with
    competing dishes or decoders in June -- and three more
    manufacturers expected by '96 -- analyst Cai Rumohr of Cowen &
    Co. estimates prices for startup equipment will drop roughly $100
    a year over the next four years.  With the early success of
    DirecTV, Hughes has beaten "cable-industry rivals to the punch"
    when its comes to the programming service.  DirecTV is outselling
    Primestar, a competing cable-industry offering, by two-to-one.
    While the initial marketing target has been sports fans and
    "videophiles," it will take several years to see if regular TV
    viewers will also pay the premium.  BUSINESS WEEK's Eric Schine
    concludes, "Eventually, cable and fiber optics may do a better
    job of delivering even more programming.  But for now, there's no
    disputing that DirecTV has won the first leg of the race to
    digital television" (BUSINESS WEEK, 3/13).

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