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         According to the current issue of TIME, MICHAEL JORDAN's
    return has been worth over $3.8B for the companies he endorses
    (TIME, 4/3 issue).  Wheaties debuted a new TV ad featuring Jordan
    missing a jump shot, with the superstar saying, "I better eat my
    Wheaties" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 3/26).  BUSINESS WEEK debuted the
    "Michael Jordan Index" -- based on the performance of McDonald's,
    Sara Lee, Nike, General Mills and Quaker Oats since March 8.  By
    March 21, the MJ Index had fallen to 103 from a March 19 high of
    105 (BUSINESS WEEK, 4/3 issue).  Jordan's agent, DAVID FALK, was
    a guest on ABC's "Good Morning America" this morning.  On
    Jordan's contract:  "We had no negotiations, we had no promises
    made to him and I think when the summer comes, we have a chance
    to look at the future and preponderant impact on the NBA [which]
    will absolutely create financial success for him as it always
    has.  But at this point, that was not the motivating factor in
    his decision" (ABC, 3/27).  Raptors GM ISIAH THOMAS said before
    Friday's Bulls-Magic game that the Raptors plan on putting the
    floor in the middle of Skydome when Jordan visits next season,
    "so we can have 60-70,000 people watching us play basketball"
    (TNT, 3/24).  WGN reports that Jordan's first home game netted an
    all-time high regular-season (and all-time WGN sports) rating of
    41 and a 59 share in Chicago.  National figures will be available
    today (WASHINGTON POST, 3/26)

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    employees, volunteers and Board of Directors of ACOG, APOC, and
    the Atlanta Olympic Games Authority on Tuesday in Atlanta
    (ACOG)....Sports Business Writer CARL DESENS is leaving BUSINESS
    WEEK (THE DAILY)....STEVE HATCHELL was named the first
    commissioner of the recently formed Big 12 Conference.  Hatchell
    is currently SWC commissioner (FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM,
    3/27)....MARY MCINTYRE has joined Network International as sales
    manager.  She will handle advertising and sales for the Richmond
    Coliseum (Network International)....BO JACKSON has signed on with
    William Morris Agency to pursue acting opportunities (WASHINGTON
    POST, 3/27)....This week's NEWSWEEK profiles DICK DEVENZIO, a
    college basketball activist who advocates paying college players
    (Curry Kirkpatrick, NEWSWEEK, 4/3 issue).

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         The release of MIKE TYSON from an Indiana jail gained heavy
    coverage over the weekend in print and TV.  CNN's "Morning News"
    was live in Indiana Saturday morning.  In an extensive interview
    after Tyson's release, RING Magazine Editor Steve Farhood
    predicted Tyson's first fight would be against DON KING-client
    Peter McNeeley.  Farhood was interviewed live along with Tyson
    Attorney JAMES VOYLES, and spiritual advisor Muhammad Siqqeeq
    (CNN, 3/25).  Tyson was the 2nd story on Saturday's "NBC Nightly
    News" (NBC, 3/25).  ABC ran the story fourth on Saturday's "World
    News Tonight."  BERT SUGAR, of BOXING ILLUSTRATED: "I think he's
    a commodity worth hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of millions of
    dollars, almost a billion."  SUGAR RAY LEONARD and trainer ANGELO
    DUNDEE were also interviewed (ABC, 3/25).  SI's SONJA STEPTOE and
    former Tyson trainer KEVIN ROONEY appeared on "Good Morning
    America Sunday" (ABC, 3/26).  This morning's N.Y. POST is the
    only outlet to report that Tyson has told Don King to "take a
    walk."  Wallace Matthews writes that Tyson "brought Allah into
    his life and asked Don King to leave his house" (N.Y. POST,
    3/27).  TIME's STEVE WULF compares the returns of MICHAEL JORDAN
    and Tyson: There is "little doubt that basketball and boxing can
    use them, but as a society we may need them even more, as hero
    and antihero" (TIME, 4/3). On CNN's "MoneyLine," John Metaxas
    examined the potential financial impact, noting that TV revenue
    from Tyson-GEORGE FOREMAN "could be twice that of the last such
    megafight," four years ago between Foreman and EVANDER
    HOLYFIELD."  JOHN MANSELL, a media analyst for Paul Kagan Assoc.,
    estimates that Tyson-Foreman could bring in $120M and 3 million
    pay-per-view subscribers (CNN, 3/24).

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