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         LATE NIGHT:  From last night's "Late Show,"  Letterman's Top
    Ten signs that Michael Jordan is out of shape.  10)  Played whole
    4th Quarter in a golf cart.  9) Constant interruptions in play
    because his loud              wheezing sounds like a whistle.  8)
    Now he's only three times as good as the rest of the players.  7)
    More fans hurt by stray balls than at a presidential golf
    tournament.  6) Indiana Pacers using my mom to guard him.  5)
    Every timeout: Two hot dogs and a big wad of cotton candy.  4)
    Got winded giving the finger to Reggie Miller.  3) Richard
    Simmons followed him home from yesterday's game.  2)  When he
    fakes left and moves right, his ass keeps goin' left.  1) The
    Gatorade I.V. ("Late Show," CBS, 3/20).
         SPORTS PROGRAMMING:  Frank DeFord discussed Jordan's
    comeback on ESPN's "SportsCenter."  DeFord: "Jordan is not just
    coming back as a star.  No, he is returning to do the one thing
    he never had a chance to do: Ride in on a white horse and rescue
    the whole NBA."   DeFord chronicled Jordan's development in the
    NBA from the "The Circus Attraction," to "The Endorser," then
    "The Champion," "The Patriot" in the Olympics, "The Human Being"
    during his father's death, and then as the baseball player,  "The
    Dream," and now, "The Comeback" ("SportsCenter," 3/20).  TNT was
    granted permission to carry Jordan's first home game, Friday
    against the Magic (Rudy Martzke, USA TODAY, 3/21).
         BUSINESS NEWS:  Chiat Day's Marian Salzman says like the
    recent surge for Jordan-related stocks, Jordan's ad appeal will
    be short-lived:  "You can't go home again"  ("Business Insiders,"
    CNBC, 3/20).  In New York, Peter Vecsey notes talk that Jordan's
    sponsors (Nike, McDonald's, Gatorade, Sara Lee) were asked to
    "ante up" $5M apiece for him to return.  Jordan's agent, David
    Falk, responds:  "I was greatly concerned that everyone but
    Michael stands to make a huge profit off his return.  We didn't
    think it would have been right to ask companies already paying
    him to pony up.  Our concern was with others [Vecsey notes, NBC]
    who'll get rich off him and aren't paying him" (N.Y. POST, 3/21).
         ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS:  "Extra" reported the ratings for
    yesterday's Jordan's return were very high, 1/3 of viewers
    nationally, and 2/3 of the TV audience in Chicago.  The show also
    filed reports from Jordan's hometown, Wilmington, NC, and his
    restaurant in Chicago ("extra," 3/20).

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         PAULA STACY MOGLEY has been named Dir of Affiliate Sales &
    Marketing at Prime Sports-Midwest (VARIETY, 3/21).
    ....CHRISTOPHER JONES left as Dir of Business Development for MLB
    Properties to become Dir of Hanna-Barbera Enterprises....EDWARD
    HUGUEZ was named VP/New Media & Interactive Programming at
    DirectTV (ELECTRONIC MEDIA, 3/20 issue)....Figure skater NICOLE
    BOBEK has retained Silverman, Warren/Kremer for PR management
    (Silverman, Warren/Kremer). ....BRUCE KARPAS has been named
    President & CEO of Liberty Productions, a wholly-owned subsidiary
    of TCI designed to create event programming for PPV and other
    domestic and int'l distribution (Liberty)....MIKE FRANCESA signed
    a new five-year deal with WFAN (N.Y. POST, 3/21).

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