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     ATLANTA -- BORBONS ON THE ROCKS?  While Pedro Borbon Sr.
announced his intent to be a replacement player for the Reds, his
son Pedro Jr., who is in the Braves' organization, remained on
strike.  Pedro Jr. on his father's comeback:  "Shoot, if George
Foreman can make a comeback, so can my dad."....Around 125 minor
leaguers met with MLBPA General Council Gene Orza Tuesday night
at the Palm Beach Airport Hilton, "many of them from the Braves'
organization (I.J. Rosenberg, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 3/1).
     BALTIMORE -- 11 OF 12 WON'T PLAY:  Eleven of the O's 12
exhibition opponents informed the team by fax yesterday that they
would not play the Orioles this spring unless the team changes
its policy of not fielding replacement players by 2pm EST today.
The Rockies, who are scheduled to come to Camden Yards on April
2, were the only team not to respond. If there is no settlement
this week, owners are expected to take a formal vote on
replacement players next week at their meeting in Palm Beach.
"Then at some point during the spring, the league likely will
announce sanctions against Angelos for failing to prepare a team
for the regular season.  Angelos almost certainly would respond
with a lawsuit."  A.L. President Gene Budig declined comment on
the issue (Mark Maske, WASHINGTON POST, 3/1).  AL VP of Admin. &
Media Affairs Phyllis Merhige said the teams have the right to
cancel games and won't be penalized (TAMPA TRIBUNE, 3/1).
Joe Posnanski pans Reds GM Jim Bowden for his "joke" in signing
Pedro Borbon, calling the move Bowden's "own fraternity prank":
"You see, [Marge] Schott seemed to believe this was a serious
signing.  Apparently Bowden, that wacky, nutty jokester, failed
to let her in on the joke, failed even to mention to her that
Borbon is a blob who is a longshot to pass his physical"
(CINCINNATI POST, 3/1). TORONTO STAR columnist Richard Griffin
writes of the Borbon signing, "Yesterday, there were 27 other
owners slapping their foreheads in unison wondering, 'What hath
Schott wrought?'" (TORONTO STAR, 3/1).
announced that ticket sales for Opening Day at Jacobs Field hit
35,000 and that tickets remain for all 82 regular season games
Tigers are expected to make the 132-mile trip from Lakeland to
Vero Beach for the team's first spring game.  Tigers GM Joe Klein
will not divulge how many minor-leaguers will make the trip, as
opposed to replacement players.  FREE PRESS columnist Charlie
Vincent reports sending all replacements would, "in Klein's
eyes," mean acquiescing to Don Fehr.  Klein on Monday: "No one
who needs written instructions how to put on a jockstrap is going
to tell me how to run this franchise" (DETROIT FREE-PRESS, 2/28).
     MILWAUKEE -- CAMP CHAOS?  Brewers Exec VP of Baseball Ops
Sal Bando on the current spring training situation:  "Right now,
we have all our feet planted firmly in midair."  Spring training
is also being characterized as "resting comfortably somewhere
between complete chaos and total uncertainty" (Michael Bauman,
     MINNESOTA -- WHO'S ON FIRST?  The Twins have received
commitments from "more than 20" minor-leaguers to play in spring
games, according to an informal survey in today's STAR-TRIBUNE.
Twins GM Terry Ryan said they have received commitments from
"about half" of the 50 players they have asked (Jim Souhan,
Minneapolis STAR-TRIBUNE, 3/1).
     MONTREAL -- ALOU TO STAY:  Manager Felipe Alou said he will
manage the Expos this year if the strike lasts into the regular
season.  Alou, who said baseball "hasn't seen any more Sparkys,"
referring to Sparky Anderson's refusal to manage replacements:
"I have a contract and I have responsibilities that I can't walk
away from.  To me, this is a matter of conscience" (TORONTO STAR,
     NEW YORK -- WILPON THE DIPLOMAT:  Mets owner Fred Wilpon
said yesterday he is "willing to compromise" and is a "moderate
in wanting to see the game played again."  Wilpon defended
ownership, but said "he was dragged into accepting replacement
baseball" (Jennifer Frey, N.Y. TIMES, 3/1).  Dick Kraft, who
resigned from the Yankees under public pressure last spring for
reportedly "likening kids who hung and swung from rims on
basketball courts across the street from Yankee Stadium to
'monkeys,'" was back at the Yankee offices yesterday.  Yankees
spokesperson Arthur Richman said Kraft would not be on the Yankee
payroll, but be paid as a personal employee of George
Steinbrenner (Joel Sherman, N.Y. POST, 3/1).... Beginning March
15, the Yankees will cut front office salaries by 10% (MIAMI
HERALD, 3/1).
     PITTSBURGH -- LEYLAND SPEAKS OUT:  Pirates Manager Jim
Leyland on having to work with replacement players:  "When you
work for somebody, when you have a boss, you do what they say or
you quit.  I'm not going to quit, so I'll do what I'm told" (Bob
     ST. LOUIS -- BETTER THAN HITCHHIKING:  Minor league reliever
Gary Buckels, who attended a Monday night meeting with players
General Council Gene Orza said the union may help minor leaguers
who are sent home for refusing to play with replacement players:
"The union said something about financial aid, paying the way
back, but they said it was still in the working stages.  It
sounds kind of vague" (Rick Hummel, ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH,
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