SBD/9/Leagues Governing Bodies


     ANGELS OWNER JACKIE AUTRY reacting to Labor Secretary Robert
Reich's statement that using replacement players would be
"anathema and unacceptable": "I'm not a crystal ball gazer or a
tea leaf reader, but everything I've read has indicated the fans
would be receptive to replacement players" (ORANGE COUNTY
     BREWER PITCHER BOB SCANLAN: "When the President of the
United States puts his fist down and doesn't get anywhere with
the owners, the only solution left is Congress removing the
antitrust exemption" (MILWAUKEE SENTINEL, 2/9).
     CHICAGO TRIBUNE'S BOB VERDI: "So where does baseball go now
to save itself?  The Vatican?" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 2/9).
     CUBS PRESIDENT ANDY MACPHAIL: "Our commander-in-chief told
[Usery] to get the parties back together and gave him a big stick
to offer a recommendation if he felt there was no progress.
After a month, he makes that recommendation, and then the
president leaves him" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 2/9).
     JIM PALMER, former Oriole, at the opening of the Ted
Williams Museum: "The players want what they want, they're very
selfish.  The owners want what they want, they're very selfish"
("CBS This Morning," 2/9).
     MIAMI HERALD'S DAN LA BATARD: "Some Rutgers students are
strong enough to stop a game but our country's president isn't
strong enough to start one" (MIAMI HERALD, 2/9).
     PETER GAMMONS: "With today's attention spans, people can
learn in a hurry to move over and watch 'Beavis and Butthead' and
forget all about baseball" (CBS, 2/9).
     RED SOX CEO JOHN HARRINGTON: "The President found out ...
that he should not have gotten involved. ... He had no authority
to act" (CBS, 2/8).
     ROCKIES OWNER JERRY MCMORRIS: "As much as I hate to think
about it, (the players) are validating the use of replacement
players.  They don't bargain.  They refuse to compromise.  They
trash one of the more respected mediators in the country because
they don't like his recommendation on an agreement.  We just have
to do ahead with alternate plans" (ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, 2/9).
     SENATE JUDICIARY CHAIR ORRIN HATCH:  "I really believe that
there is a small click of owners who want to stick it to the
players so they can dominate this game without having the players
have virtually any say in the game" (ABC, 2/8).
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