Friday's midnight deadline for the purchase of Permanent
Seat Licenses in St. Louis produced a last minute rush that FANS
Inc. officials estimate drove application totals to between
50,000 and 60,000.  However, officials are still unsure if the
46,000 seats set aside for PSLs will be sold out.  Because PSLs
will be distributed by section, some sections may have more
applications than seats.  FANS will know later this week whether
the PSLs will sell out.  Either way, "organizers are elated" with
the response, with the $60M generated by PSLs slated to go
towards paying for the Rams' move.  FANS' deal with the team set
a goal of selling 40,000 PSL and club seats by March 10 and
50,000 by the '95 opener (Virgil Tipton, ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH,
     NFL'S PIECE OF THE POT?  Bernie Miklasz reports that NFL
sources told the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH that the league "may
decide to ask the Rams and FANS Inc. for a percentage" of revenue
generated by the PSLs.  While the league allowed the Carolina
Panthers to use PSLs for stadium construction, Miklasz says the
NFL "may be opposed" to $27M of the PSL money being "earmarked to
retire bonds to improve Anaheim Stadium."  Miklasz thinks the
league is "angling as a prelude to negotiations" with the team.
Rams President John Shaw has taken the "early position" that the
team has no obligation to pay a relocation fee to the league.
Miklasz: "The guess is that Shaw and the NFL will initially take
extreme positions and then negotiate a settlement somewhere in
the middle.  The NFL may back off any pledge to garnish PSL money
if Shaw agrees to pay the relocation fee" (ST. LOUIS POST-
DISPATCH, 2/4).  Will McDonough reports NFL owners "want to make
sure that gate money that should be going to them as the visiting
team (40%) is not being funneled back to the home team via luxury
box revenue."  Visiting teams do no share in luxury box revenue
but shares in all other seat money. McDonough notes that "some
owners also want to take a second look at what is going on in
Carolina with ticket revenues" (BOSTON GLOBE, 2/5).
     PRACTICE FACILITY:  Under a proposal submitted Friday to the
St. Louis Board of Aldermen, the city would pay a maximum of $5M
to build the Rams a new practice facility.  Under the lease
agreement with the city, the city-county convention visitors
commission is required to pay for a facility.  Estimates have
ranged as high as $16M.  The city plans on paying for the
facility with a 5% amusement tax on Rams tickets (Thom Gross, ST.
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